The 12 Trove Rolls of WEGS-mas (2018)

December 26th, 2018
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

The annual rolling of the trove begins! Twelve hot-out-of-the-oven random trove rolls are coming at you from now until the New Year. Jumpin’ Jazzophat, that’s more than one a day!!! The slots will be filled in as we continue the roll out.

Can you handle this TROVE OVERLOAD!?!FB-Trove-Roll-77

On the first roll of WEGS-mas my GM rolled for me…
Mystic Potion: Fear My Lyrd
Realm: Mystic. Success Roll: 88%.
Potion strength : 8 SPS.
Duration: 2d6 innings (upkeep starts when duration ends).

On the second roll of WEGS-mas…
Large Helmet +3 ARM% + Fearsome Attribute
Large helm usually adds +3% to Armour, but this is doubled to +6% due to its fearsome attributes (horns, dragon plume, nasal guard, or full visor as per Kreator’s whim).

On the third roll of WEGS-mas…
Silvervine Elf Cloak
Realm: Magic. Charges: 4 per day.
When worn, this cloak of woven silvervine grants the wearer (2d6+4) Grace rank.
Astral Glow (charged effect): Emits a silvery glow, 2 SQR radius for 8 innings. All within glow gain 44% enchanted invulnerability and are invisible to ethereal creatures. No ether creature can enter the glow.

On the fourth roll of WEGS-mas…
Enchanted Sheath : Scabbard of Fire
Realm: Magic. Charges: 4 per day.
Made from the hide of some enchanted beast of fire, this sheath imbues its weapon with four enchanted charges per day. Each charge causes (d10 x 4) elemental/enchanted wounds to those it strikes. Re-rolls of 1 is automatic for charged damage die rolls; for a spoint, the player can gain RR2s as well. Special Effect: Afterburn. Those wounded by the charged effect suffer an additional (2d6 x 4) normal wounds for the next two spantes.

On the fifth roll of WEGS-mas…
+2 Short Sword

On the sixth roll of WEGS-mas…
Mystic Potion: Sphere of Light
Realm: Mystic. Success Roll: 88%.
Potion strength : 8 SPS.  Duration: 2d6 innings (upkeep starts when duration ends).

On the seventh roll of WEGS-mas…
Bow of Quickening : Short Bow
Realm: Neutral. Charges: 4 per day.
1 fire action per charge, no aim action required.

On the eighth roll of WEGS-mas…
Enchanted Arrows : Piercer Arrows, 8
Opponent suffers (d6 x 10)% Invulnerability penalty on strike.

On the ninth roll of WEGS-mas…
Breast Plate, Leather. +5 ARM%
No move penalty.

On the tenth roll of WEGS-mas…
Medallion of Protection : Resist Fear
Realm: Neutral. Charges: 8 per day. Success Roll: 88%. Strength: 8.
Automatic Resist Fear, from inning to spante (or vice versa).

On the eleventh roll of WEGS-mas…
Mystic Staff : Bless With Fire
Realm: Mystic. Charges: 4 per day. Success Roll: Grace%. Strength: 8.
Each use expends one charge.

On the twelfth roll of WEGS-mas..
Potion of Wounds:  Heavy Brew
d% wounds healed.

A very merry WEGS-mas to all – hope to see you WEGS-ing around the game table in 2019!


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