Backseat Zombies (Alt Rules)

June 7th, 2013
Shuffling Horror Alt Rules, Shuffling Horrors

To put a little more tension in the game, try using The Backseat Zombie rules when The Car appears. When it does, the Zombie Master buries a random card from The Dead Pile (discard pile) underneath it. This mystery card is only revealed when a Survivor enters the car.

When the card is revealed, the following applies:GG-tm-ZedZombie tm

If it is an ITEM card, the Survivor may automatically take it (free action) or they may leave it there for anther Survivor (who must move to The Car to get it)

If it is a ZOMBIE card, it gets an immediate attack on the Survivor. The zombie stays at the Car until the zombie is destroyed. Until then, there is no resting bonus in the Car…

If it’s a PLOT DEVICE or SHUFFLING HORROR card, it is played immediately. There is also a slight chance that The Cellar is revealed; in such a case it is immediately put into play.

This rule only can occur if The Car appears (and so might never be triggered). It should not be used for The Cellar. This way there is at least one Sanctuary card that is completely safe for the Survivors to enter during play. This rule also forces the Survivors to explore The Car early, to clear it of any zombies should they want to make use of the sanctuary later in the game.

Besides, we’re working on some special Alt Rule for The Cellar

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