Goin’ Old Skool: Origins 2016 Events

June 13th, 2016
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Oh, yes, there will be WEGS Old Skool Fantasy at Origins 2016! Here’s the info for all of you who want to swing swords and sling the lingo. Play WEGS!

FRIDAY – June 17 – 8 pm – WEGS Rifting The JarlBlog-GaryCon16-G123
Get ready to slip and slide your way through Gary Gygax’s classic module, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (G2)! Here’s the twist: we are using the WEGS Old Skool Fantasy system. Fantastic heroes will be created in minutes and ready to go on a giant slaying expedition. Don’t worry about the system; just worry about the frost giants and staying alive. Rules taught – all you need is a sense of adventure to get started. Bring your lucky 2d6 and 2d10 (%), the only dice you’ll need to play WEGS. Let’s dungeon party like it’s 1978 (but with that ridiculously wacky WEGS system).

Saturday – June 18 – 8pm – Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom
A rag-tag party of sword-n-sorcery heroes are plunged into the randomly generated dungeon run by Dingbitt, a devilish halfling rogue. His magic dungeon is chock full of treasure, traps and monsters. The deeper the party delves, the bigger the booty (and the greater the peril, of course). It is up to the heroes to decide what it shall be: fabulous trove, worthy opponents or, perhaps, just to find a way out? Priorities change fast after you leave Level 1! The session begins with a quick WEGS Old Skool Fantasy character generation. Four dice fuel the game (2d6 and 2d10) and the rules are designed for full throttle sword-n-sorcery exploits. Fun rules. Wild dice rolls. Wicked adventure!

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