DDW Recap: Walking Dead-Ep10

February 20th, 2014
Dead Don't Walk, Shuffling Horrors

Here’s this week’s Dead Don’t Walk recap of “Inmates”, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead. A better title for the episode might have been “Tracks”, as the entire episode revolves around tracking, backtracking, and, literally, train tracks. The episode presents a quartet of survivor stories that weave together a tale of what happened after each group fled the prison. From a Pittsburgh 68 perspective, we’ll treat each story as its own Opening Scene. The blood red highlights are game terms. Here goes!

#1: Daryl and BethSQR-P68-They-Shuffle-Banner
The episode opens with Daryl and Beth in a slow motion Run For It sequence. At one point Beth is clutched by a zombie, but frees herself by headshotting it with The Knife! After the ordeal, the duo discover some tracks and follow them in the hope of finding their lost companions. This leads them to Three Lone Zombies having brunch by some railroad tracks. Beth spots a child’s shoe in the bloody mix and hits her Breaking Point.

#2: Tyreese, Kid Sister #1 and #2 (plus two bonus SPOILER reveals!)
Tyreese and two Kid Sisters (Lizzie and Mika) are making their way through the forest. As Tyreese turns to the camera for the first time, a fourth companion is revealed, Baby Judith! This man has his hands full, but he takes the time to explain the basic rules of Run For It to a worried Mika: “When you hear walkers, you run. When in a group, you stay close.” He forgot to explain the part about using spoints to increase the odds of her Flail test, but she gets the point. This story ends with a final shocking reveal: Carol! The survivor quintet soon end up by some railroad tracks where they discover a sign for a sanctuary called “Terminus”. The sign states:  “Those who arrive survive”. Sounds irresistable. Must be one of those mythical 20 spoint sanctuaries…

#3: Maggie, Sasha, Bob
Maggie is dead set on finding Glenn. Sasha argues the value of finding sanctuary and food instead. Since the If We Only Had A… card isn’t in play, they all set off to find Glenn. The trio soon find the bus from the prison, wrecked and chock full of zombies. As Glenn was last seen boarding this bus, Maggie has got to find out if he’s inside. The plan is for Sasha and Bob to let the zombies off the bus one by one, allowing Maggie to whittle them away. This plan goes south when it triggers a Three Card Zombie avalanche, sending Maggie into Killing Machine mode with The Knife. She clears the bus – but does not find Glenn (because he’s in the last segment).

#4: Glenn and Tara
Glenn finds himself stuck at the prison, having jumped off the bus early. In order to escape he has got to single-handedly Hold Them Back! After he pushes his way through the throng, he spots a shell-shocked Tara, who seems to be suffering from The Breaking Point. With the help of The Gas Cocktail, he rescues her and the two flee from the prison.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the episode doesn’t quite end there!

A military vehicle rolls up and reveals three more characters. We’ll find out who they are soon…

Until then, keep on shuffling!

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