Dead Don’t Walk: Zombie Radio Waves (S5.E9)

February 12th, 2015
Dead Don't Walk, Shuffling Horrors

“Dead Don’t Walk” is our weekly Walking Dead recap
for fans of our Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68 game.

Season 5, Episode 9
What Happened and What’s Going On

Rick Grimes and friends are back on the road with a mission to find a new sanctuary: a fabled housing community that is some 500 miles from Atlanta. As we all know, such a sanctuary card does not exist in the Shuffling Horror deck! After an uneventful ride in The Car, the survivors arrive at  a quiet little gated community (albeit a fortified one). It’s a bit too quiet, and they soon make some grisly discoveries (like everyone is dead or pulled in half). The deck deals them some Lone Zombies shuffling about, but nothing that can’t be controlled. It’s a low danger reel.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLCBack-to-back plot device cards appear: If We Only Had A…, which sends off Rick, Glenn, and Michonne to find supplies and weapons. Glenn finds The Bat!  Noah hits his Breaking Point and runs off. Tyreese follows and the deck deals the Director a Surge. The Director focuses all these attacks on Tyreese, who <encoded spoiler> “fails to flail”.

Yup – the big guy has been bit! As Tyreese loses strength, Noah runs back to alert the group. In his delirium, Tyreese sees lots of Familiar Faces (like every survivor who bit it in the last two seasons) and they’re all offering him some final words of advice. Some point out that maybe he should have used more spoints for his flail test. Others tell him that he did everything he could and it will all be all right.

The episode ends with the group rushing Tyreese back to The Car and driving off into the sunset.

Will resting in The Car help Tyreese at this point?

You’ll have to watch the episode to see how this reel ends…


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