Feb 3 – Dice Hog Day!

February 2nd, 2015
Dice Hog Day

Greeting GameWick-ers!

Put that groundhog back in his hole and celebrate Dice Hog Day instead!


Here at GameWick HQ, we celebrate Dice Hog Day on February 3rd. We’ve started our own little tradition for winter prediction by tossing a pair of dice into the frosty wasteland outside our door. When the snow finally melts, we go out and find them. The result of the dice roll predicts just how long winter is going to last. Of course, we have some house rules for how to play along…

1. Dice must stay where they land for seven days, untouched.

2. When there is no snow on them whatsoever, none, the results are read as follows:

Snake-eyes: Woo Hoo! Winter is officially over and you can put the snow shovels away.

Boxcars (two sixes): Uh Oh! There’s probably more snow coming. Bring dice back inside and wait for next storm. Then repeat process as if it is Feb 3 all over again…

All Other Results: Multiply the dice total by 2. This is the number of days until spring.

And that’s how we roll out winter in these parts…

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