Gary Con XI Event: A Plump Half-Dead Merchant (WEGS)

January 12th, 2019
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Where: Gary Con!
When: Thursday, March 7th
Time: 7 – 10pm
System: WEGS Basic Old Skool System (WEGS BOSS)

I kick off my Gary Con 2019 events with something near and dear to my old school heart, an adventure inspired by a block of descriptive text from Gary Gygax’s epic adventure module, The Keep on the Borderlands. Back in the 80s, this was THE module that introduced many to basic Dungeons & Dragons. Within the module was the Caves of Chaos, a maze of dark tunnels to lure inexperienced heroes to their doom. In my very first game, my Elf quickly fell under a swarm of rats just shortly after character creation (Cave A, Room 2). I was hooked.

In another nearby cave complex dwelt the fierce Hobgoblins – it is there we find the “plump half-dead merchant”, his wife, and four other prisoners chained to the wall. The merchant and his wife’s time is running out as both are slated to be eaten that night! It is here that our adventure begins. Each player selects one of the six prisoners to play: the half-dead merchant (who begins with half HP!), the merchant’s wife; one of the two men-at-arms who serve as guards for the merchant; an orc (who will fight goblins and hobgoblins gladly) or, perhaps, a crazy gnoll.

Players also begin by picking a class for their character (Fighter, Magic User, Cleric, Thief, Ranger) – and then the game is afoot! In a prior session of this adventure, the merchant’s wife was a magic-user and became the group’s leader. In same game, the crazy gnoll thief just ran off, deserting the others to fight on their own. Twists and turns await!

Can the group band together and find a way out – or are they just doomed to hang around for dinner?

Find out with WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. Rules taught!

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