Innsmouth 32 – Wickstarter Preview #1

May 13th, 2019
Innsmouth 32 Updates, Kickstarter

Gangsters versus Lovecraftian Terrors!

Here’s this week’s “Wickstarter” preview for our Innsmouth 32 board game.  Our Kickstarter (link below) is off to a good start, but we need the help of our friends and fans to save us from the Deep Ones! There are two great ways to do this:

1. Visit our kickstarter page and share via the social buttons on the right side of the screen (icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc).

2. Click on the pic below and share that with your favorite social groups! Include this short link to our Innsmouth 32 Kickstarter page:

Not a backer yet? Visit our Innsmouth 32 Kickstarter page and check it out!SQR-I32-Mont-Gangsters-600-(c)2019 GameWickGamesLLC

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