Jrragnaraffen the Magical Glaive Dragon

December 11th, 2014
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Gary Con VII (2015) is coming and you are herewith warned!

I am currently submitting our WEGS Old Skool events, one of which will be:

How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon?

This will likely be a Sunday event, 11 AM (pending submission approval). I ran this scenario at this past Gary Con (2014). Nine heroes tried to dispatch the dread dragon, Jrragnaraffen, the magical glaive dragon. They failed. To be perfectly honest, they only succeeded in annoying her greatly.

She has had a year to recoil and grow larger. In game terms:

She will have one more blood chip (from 50 to 100 more wounds)*.

She starts with a number of blood chips for each Gary Con to date.

This means that Jrragnaraffen (the magical glaive dragon) will have VII blood chips to supplement her 264 starting wounds**. If she rolls really well, that’s almost 1000 wounds.

Uh… Good luck?

* Calculation is (d6+4)x10 wounds per blood chip.

** As a minion, she is a Triple 88 (3 x 88  = 264 starting wounds).

Gary Con VII Event Details Coming Soon!


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