Old Skool Aftermath: Origins 2014

August 10th, 2014
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We were able to squeeze in a game of WEGS Old Skool at Origins 2014, running the ever-popular scenario, Dwarf Walks Into A Bar. This time, however,  I had some tricks up my sleeve. To start, when the adventurers entered the Tongue of Dung tavern, they found the place completely empty. There was no Borkfu. No Runt. No drunken Dwarf slumbering by the fireplace. This place was D.E.A.D (with the exception of the Ogwump, the tavern’s massive Ogre barkeep). There was not a jot of danger to be found. Something was amiss!

The Cast of Character
For a pick-up game, we had eight players and full array of characters: a Humnz Warlock, an Elf Ranger, a Goblin Mage, a Gobin Nekromagiker, a Goblin Sage (yes, you read that right), a Gnobbit Trickster, a Humnz Warrior, and a Humnz Mage.

The Goblins were the Shroomeaters, a clan of some Wegsworld renown (mostly due to their chaotic casting of randomly selected spells and never-ending quest to find the Great Inverted Shroom of Happiness). They have been seeking that darn thing since Gen Con 2006!

But the clan’s true claim to fame is the Chaos and Doom that follows them wherever they go.

Like a pair of mischievous puppies, Chaos and Doom followed them into the bar that night…


“It all started to go wrong when the Yewlulant kicked the Gnobbit.”

Part I – Enter the Yewlulant
Just as the Arks (characters) were getting uncomfortable on their stools, a screaming, gibbering, robed-and-hooded figure ran wildly into the bar. His screams sounded like a mad struggle to summon mystical energies. Above his head he held aloft a strange clay statue of a squatting frog-like creature with a many-tentacled face.  He ferociously kicked at those around him; the inquisitive Gnobbit got punted.

This strange figure was a Yewlulant, a member of a crazed order of Wegsworld summoners who tend to explode when their spell energies go amiss. Some believe this is mostly intentional. It sure looked like an explosion was a-coming. The adventurers had to do something fast or clear out!

It was a randomly cast spell that got the party started. The Goblin Mage found herself with a Jumping Jazzophat spell at her command. She decided it was best used to land on the Yewlulant’s head (well, actually the statue that was held above his head). Either way, the Yewlulant’s neck couldn’t take the full impact of a Goblin Mage.

His body never hit the ground though…

It was sucked up into the strange statue.

The statue, though, DID hit the ground…

It shattered and all went black…

The fun was just beginning…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this epic game!


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