P68: A Fun and Not-So-Traditional Review

July 9th, 2014
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I discovered a fun review of Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror written by S.W Sondheimer, a Pittsburgh-based author and blogger who stumbled upon our game at House of the Dead, a zombie themed store in the zombie capital of the world (uh… Pittsburgh, of course)!

As a self-described game lover who is not-so-good at strategy games, Sondheimer tells the tale of how Pittsburgh 68 stumbled onto their table for a game night, pulling no punches as to the games pros and cons. Not just a review of the game, the article veers off into the musings that fill the mind of a non-gamer while the gamers are busy reading the rules!

Pittsburgh 68-Game Contents

Here are some tasty entrails from the review that made me sport a wicked zombie grin. If you enjoy these excerpts, I highly suggest you read the full review (link below).

[On Strategy Games] “I don’t mind never winning, so the giant group screw-a-single-player in collaborative games, and the cut throat I’m-a-cut-your-throat mentality of PVP games, are lost on me.”

[On P68 Game Play] “And much to my surprise, I got it.  Quickly.  Like, within the first two rounds.  I won’t claim to be a master or anything, but I definitely held my own.”

[On Rule Mongers] “Interestingly, the gamers seemed to have a bit more trouble with actual play than I did.  Maybe because they were trying to process the rules.  Or because they’d actually listened to them.  Maybe they expected the game to be more complex based on the sheer number of rules or because they’re used to complex games. Maybe they were just thinking about it too damn hard.”

And the drippings we like most of all…

“Made a hopeless case into a gamer.”

“Great intro game, great advanced game, creative concept, traditional elements, not so traditional ones.”

“Four and a half out of five severed heads for Pittsburgh 68.”

Read the full review here (contains some adult language).



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