P68 ZWS: Dead Heat

August 27th, 2013
News, Zombie World Series I

The fourth and final quarter of the Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series kicked off at Gen Con 2013! The Survivors started this last quarter with a comfortable four game lead, and so, there was no room for any idle shuffling by our Pittsburgh zombies!

The first game was played on Wednesday, Gen Con Fan Night. The Zombies wasted no time in showing a little undead vengeance – and they didn’t let up until the end! A total of eight series games were run (Games 52 thru 59). Of these games, the Zombies took 6 and the Survivors only 2. Now, the score is tie: 31/31.

Only nine games to go in our 68 game series!

Nothing like going into the final stretch in a dead heat…


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