Pittsburgh 68 – Starter Script

October 4th, 2013
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GameWick Games has released an introductory guide for their zombie card and dice game, Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror.  The “Script for Beginning Play” has everything players need to know to get the zombies shuffling around their game table at home!

P68 Starter Script

Pittsburgh 68 is designed to play like a creepy old zombie flick, and the action of the game is driven by its Shuffling Horror card deck. From the dealing of the movie’s Opening Scene right down to the final fade to black, the script highlights the rules that give the game its unique cinematic feel. Topics include:

–  Dealing the Reels

–  Running the Opening Scene

–  Survivor and Zombie actions

Also highlighted are two rules that can trigger the movie’s grim end: Turning Point and Last One Standing. Two classic zombie movie plot devices that mean the end is near!


A cooperative game until it’s not, Pittsburgh 68 is an eerie good time for 3 to 13 players. This starter script will give readers a good sense of what the game is all about (but even more info can be found on the GameWick Games website). The link to the free Starter Script pdf can found under the Bonus Materials section on their Pittsburgh 68 page.

Slow moving zombies rule!

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