Reports From Roswell: Survivors!

April 26th, 2015
Roswell 51

Two Confirmed Survivor Victories

After a never-ending string of alien victories in Roswell 51 (the next game in our Shuffling Horror line), we can now confirm two Survivor victories. The first report came in from Lake Geneva, WI, at a late-night pick-up game at the Gary Con game convention. This game was run by Director W versus 6 players. The second report came in just last night from the Dayton, OH area, where Director K ran a game versus 4 players. Both of these reports have been authenticated and verified by the home office. Both games went the full four reels.

***The Lake Geneva Report*** The action of the movie culminated with the survivors hunkered down on the ranch, led by the tough-as-nails Rancher who warned the aliens about what he does to trespassers on his land. At movie’s end four of the six players were still standing after the Mercurians’ final assault. Despite the aliens’ best efforts, the Rancher did not fall! An excellent performance by The Drifter who never liked the townies and was more than happy to destroy any suspected pod person.

***The Dayton Report*** The movie featured numerous scenes of alien craft blasting the surrounding countryside with their Obliteration Ray, as well as the appearance of a new robotic prototype designed specifically to counter the alien menace.  While the robot’s attacks certainly contributed to the human victory, it was the plucky attitude of the other survivors and a well-timed (and revised) Alien Autopsy card that enabled the humans to claim victory over the Mad Mercurian Overlord!

It should be noted that the location of the second game was in the vicinity of where the Roswell aliens are said to be currently stored. “Since 1947, the year of the famous Roswell crash, there have been rumors that the US government has stored debris and artifacts from crash flying saucers, and even bodies of the small, alien crew members of the downed space ships. Much of the evidence of these crash retrievals leads us to Dayton, Ohio, and Wright-Patterson’s Hangar-18.” (Anonymous Internet Source)

Maybe Things Are Looking Up For The Survivors…



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