P68 Review: Board Game Quest

June 12th, 2016
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Earlier this year, Tyler Nichols from Board Game Quest reviewed Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68. He shared his thoughts on the pros and cons of our creepy little zombie game. Below are some highlights of what he enjoyed about shuffling our zombies.

Film Frame-P68-Contents“Very easy to teach to new players…”

“A great job with interweaving the theme and story…”

“Pittsburgh 68 keeps the game play for both the survivors and the zombie master enjoyable.”

“(As) the reels get longer, the game becomes much more difficult to survive.”

“Refreshing that even though the zombies on the cards are clearly the walking dead, they are not so grotesque that it’s distracting.”

Tyler’s absolutely right about our zombies. We gave them just enough creep factor without the over-the-top gore associated with later zombie films. We made sure they had that authentic “Bosco Chocolate Syrup” glow, just like they did in Night of the Living Dead!

Tyler concluded that he felt Pittsburgh 68 is “a few changes away from being great.” We were excited by this closing comment, and in a very good way: since the game’s 2012 release, we’ve been tweaking a few of the rules (such as the Survivor Draw Pile). The changes will be implemented in Roswell 51, the next game in our Shuffling Horror line. Great things are coming!

Read Tyler’s full review here.

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