Proto Review-Roswell 51 and the Shuffle Board

November 25th, 2015
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The Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board and Roswell 51 are planned 2016 releases.
This review is based on our prototype and playtest decks.

DexCon is a local NJ game convention for the GameWick Gang. This year we rolled out the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board prototype, as well as the Roswell 51 playtest deck. Tom Tiernan, a game reviewer and movie buff, came by to check these out. He had played Pittsburgh 68 with us at a prior DexCon and was very interested to see what the next Shuffling Horror movie was all about. Here are some of his findings:

Blog-Mini-R51-Newspaper“Roswell 51 is another winner from GameWick Games. Dive head first into a 1950’s B movie, as you and your fellow citizens fight off the second invasion force from the planet Mercury! The first invasion went badly for the Mercurians in 1947, but they’re back with a vengeance. All of the craziness from those great flicks are here… from Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Plan 9 from Outer Space. You’ll find more than enough thrills to keep you playing this game over and over.”

“As with Pittsburgh 68, the game is divided into four reels, like a film used to be. Each of the first three reels gets more dangerous and exciting… You’ll play one of the Roswell residents thrown into a desperate battle for the survival of Earth itself. You’ll find weapons of various sorts mixed in with the monsters in each reel. There are also a handful of citizens who must be protected, or they’ll come back as Pod People to attack you.”

“The Shuffling Horror line encapsulates each era they take place in. Both Pittsburgh 68 and Roswell 51 work brilliantly. The <Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board> is an excellent compliment to Shuffling Horror, and I personally couldn’t see myself playing these games without it. It takes away any confusion there may be in setting up and playing the games.”  Read Tom Tiernan’s full review here on his blog (external link).

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