Zombo-matic (Alt Rules)

October 27th, 2015
Shuffling Horror Alt Rules, Shuffling Horrors

GG-tm-ZedZombie tmEvery Shuffling Horror director brings their own personal touch to the game. Zombo-matic is a trademark move of Director Don Purcell. It’s an option he applies to a very specific circumstance: when a player’s last survivor is eliminated with a snake eyes roll.

As per standard rules, if a zombie rolls snake eyes on its attack roll, the attacked survivor is immediately infected and turns into a zombie. The zombie player who attacked takes this survivor card and places it in their hand as a Familiar Face.

Purcell’s twist is that, if losing this Survivor card causes the player to join the Zombie Team, he allows the player to keep it as a Familiar Face in their own hand. This lets that player start their next turn with a zombie already in play (and quite a powerful zombie at that). This is a strategic benefit for the zombie team, but such a play might also immediately trigger the Turning Point; normally a player waits until their next turn to draw their first zombie card. A Director must strategically think out the value of this gift before it is given.

Due to the double qualifier that applies to this play (rolling snake eyes, last survivor) Zombo-matic is not something that will happen very often. When it does, it is terrifying: without any warning, someone you trusted in the party is suddenly a zombie in your midst.

It is something that happens in almost every zombie film and perfect for Pittsburgh 68 play!

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