Innsmouth 32: Shadows Over Gary Con

March 3rd, 2018
Innsmouth 32, Shuffling Horrors

Exciting news! The third game in our Shuffling Horror series, Innsmouth 32, is steadily creeping forward… Our second beta deck is printed and we’ll be bringing it with us to Gary Con this month. While not officially on the event grid, we’ll be playtesting after our scheduled Shuffling Horror sessions conclude. Chances are the playtests will begin at midnite, in some shadowy secret location (so secret we will probably announce time/place on our GameWick Games Facebook).

As you can see in the pic, our beta deck features a shadowy H.P. Lovecraft on our card face mock-up. This is just a temp bit of fun – though he’s striking the perfect creepy pose. Lots of changes have been made to the original playtest deck (unveiled at Gen Con 2017). This deck features new full-color layout for the item and character cards with a creepy fish scale background (shown below). The updated action cards in the movie deck are sure to bring on the insanity, too!


The really big news is that all the ITEM art is finished – and looks awesome! We are now beginning the Character and Monster art phase. Still a long way to go here, but the thrills and chills are building…

Very bad things await those who stumble into old Innsmouth.

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