Shuffling Horror Week: Day 1 at All Things Fun!

October 26th, 2014
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Shuffling Horror Week has begun! The Midnite Shuffler and his zombies shuffled into¬†All Things Fun! in West Berlin, NJ. Two games were played to start the series. Both games were set against four players; in game terms this is the toughest scenario to beat for the Zombie Master. The Midnite Shuffler was going to have to play hard if his zombies were going to eat this evening…

Here’s the Shuffler’s report:

Game 1: My zombies had the Opening Night jitters and they quickly flooded the table in Reel 1. Starting with almost three full throngs, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, gobbling up Survivors as we strolled by. Boy was I fooled! My dice were cursed and much of the game had the survivors laughing at my futile efforts to rally the zombies (who really just stood around looking not-very-scary). Excellent and daring strategies by the Survivors, too. The zombies did somehow manage to take out two Survivors, but the game ended with ten happy survivors, well armed and well rested. In game terms this is what we call a Scooby Doo.

Game 2: Quite the opposite of Game 1! The zombies composed themselves and started to bring out the horror. One by one we picked off the players, until one player and one survivor remained: The Waitress (aka the Sigourney Weaver of Pittsburgh 68). Despite the fact that is the tables had turned an it was now four Zombie Players versus one Survivor Player, she finished the game as a lone survivor, bringing a second win for the Survivors in one night. Drats!

Here’s the score, folks!


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