Shuffling Horror Week 2015: Game 3

October 29th, 2015
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Game #3 started with an unstoppable wave of zombies, ripping their way through the Survivors. This had all the makings of a two reel movie, short and brutal. Yet, the plucky survivors managed to limp into Reel 3; each player had a single Survivor remaining (and only one had Rest spoints). Similar to Game #2, both Sanctuary cards came into play early; this time they were crucially needed for respite. However, the Director had four throngs in play – those sanctuaries wouldn’t last long. The players decided to move the entire group into The Cellar, in an attempt to “spoint up”. Previously damaged, The Cellar had only 9 hit points remaining. Miraculously, it withstood the first wave of attacks (and all the survivors gained three Rest points). Another wave of attacks came at the Cellar. Due to some misses and truly awful damage rolls, The Cellar held for one more round (its door held shut by a single point). The survivors all gained three more Rest points.

The first player was eliminated at the very end of Reel 3 and joined the zombie team at the start of Reel 4. This was a boon for the remaining two players, as the Turning Point was triggered (# of Zombie Players = # of Survivor Players). This immediately cleared the Reel Pile and left three cards between them and survival. Some times you just get lucky in a zombie apocalypse!

SHW-15-Score-21Director vs How Many Players: 3

How Many Reels Played: 4

Survivors: The Sheriff and The Sorority Girl.

Who Won: Survivors (barely)

Alternate rules: Survivor Draw Pile, Continuity, and Cover + Attack. Here’s a link to alternate rules info.

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