Final Score : Shuffling Horror Week 2018

November 4th, 2018
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Our fifth annual Shuffling Horror Week is in the rearview mirror now, and what a week it was! Games were run all over the place, from NYC to Chicago and a few states in between. All in all, it was a ten game series and the Survivors won a whopping eight games – not a good year for our Directors and Monsters! Here’s some other fun facts:

2018-SH-Halloween-Countdown68–Five different Directors shuffled the horrors: Tracey, Myra, Andy, Donald, and Larry.
–Games were run in four states: NJ, OH, PA, IL.
–The first game in the series was at the Monster Bash Convention in Mars, PA. Appropriately, it was a Roswell 51 game and an alien victory!
–Four games were run by Tracey Puckett and the Dungeons & Coffee crew in Ohio and featured a couple of deck mash-ups! One was a P68/R51 combo called “The Plan 9 Initiative”, and also one the featured our Santa Vs The Space Invaders deck (with Elvis in a special guest appearance).2018-SH-Halloween-51-Countdown
–Two of the craziest combos reported were The Business Man with The BB Gun (in the Plan 9 Santa mash-up) and The Farmer with The Ray Gun (in the War of the Worlds game run in Grover’s Mill).
 –6 out of 10 games ended with a Last One Standing finale. These survivors were: The Robot, The WAC, The Reporter, The Business Man, The Housewife, and The Sheriff.

In every single Last One Standing scenario, the survivor prevailed! What are the odds of that?!?

Are the survivors and players starting to get wise to our monsters’ terrifying tactics?!? Fear not, Directors – next year we will have some Deep Ones in the mix (INNSMOUTH 32 will be released) as well as some other surprise thrills and chills we have in the works!

Thank you to all the Directors and Players who joined us for this series!

We couldn’t do it without you! See you next year…


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