DDW Recap: Walking Dead-E9

February 13th, 2014
Dead Don't Walk, Shuffling Horrors

The Walking Dead series kicked off the second half of Season 4 on AMC this week! Here’s our first Dead Don’t Walk recap of the episode in the lingo of our creepy little zombie game, Pittsburgh 68.

Episode 9, After: Having been separated from the rest of the Survivors during the mid-season shuffle, this reel starts with The Sheriff and The Little Brother on their own, trying to find a Sanctuary. The Sheriff is dead weight at this point (totally out of spoints). While Rick rests, it’s up to Carl to find food and fend off the throngs. He soon ends up triggering a Three Card Zombie (literally, he is trapped under three zombies) but manages to shoot and flail his way out. Shortly thereafter, he becomes clutched by the King of the Zombies (who ends up only stealing his shoe). For all of his troubles, the Little Brother does manage to find a huge can of chocolate pudding (for the win!). Things get dicey when Carl thinks the Sheriff has become a Familiar Face. The reel ends with an unexpected knock on the door and a new Survivor is revealed: Michonne (who was seen earlier in the episode in full Killing Machine mode and wiping out four full throngs)!

Perhaps the episode title should have been called: For The Win!
Stay tuned for next week’s They Shuffle! recap.


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