Trove Roll: Staff of…

January 25th, 2014
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Time for this week’s Trove Roll! We did these once a week in January to get this series started; we will post every other week in the coming months. Don’t want to give away too many trove items!

“After defeating a band of Bug Dwarfs guarding a sacred grotto of their dark mantis lord, the party explores the room. Five crudely carved idols of various bugs stand along the shadowy crevices of the back wall. One holds a gnarled stick in its mouth. It surely looks like something to be investigated! After much debate as to who should do this, the party’s Sage struts forward and bravely grabs it. She turns back to the others with a “that’s how I roll” gleam in her eyes. Suddenly, the jaws of the bug snap shut and a giant stone slab begins to seal the room’s only entrance. A trap has been sprung!”

So, what is that gnarly stick?!?  Why it’s a…

Staff of…FB-Trove-Roll-77

A randomly selected Mystic spell

The Kreator shuffles the Sage spell deck and draws a random card. The spell is: Fervor.

Cost: 2 spoints per use

Charges per day (d3+1)

The staff bypasses the need for casting (i.e. Sense Mystic). A successful GRACE test is required for each use. The spell functions at Level 4. Once all charges are spent and none remain in the staff, d3 charges renew at dawn and, as long as the staff remains unused, will continue to do so until the staff is fully charged. The staff cannot hold more than 4 charges.

As Fervor is the spell, this staff drains spoints – and from a 12 SQR distance! The spell functions as a normal Level 4 spell: it drains (SPS+4) spoints per use, and the  total number of spoints drained is also the percent mark that the caster gains d6 Insanity Points. The target can attempt to counter the attack with a Resist Mystic skill test (as noted in the WEGS Old Skool rulebook).

“Behold the Staff of Fervor!” shouts the Sage

(with a slightly insane gleam in her eyes).


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