The Turdragon Trove Roll (2018)

November 22nd, 2018
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

It’s the great rolling of the turdragon trove! There are six different trove tables in the never-released Odds & Gods Volume I guide : Armour Trove, Weapon Trove, Minor Trove, Major Trove, and Massive Trove. Someday we’ll get  that mighty tome finished, but in the meantime, here’s one randomly generated item from each of the aforementioned tables. Get stuffed on these!FB-Trove-Roll-77

Armour Trove : Helmet, Medium, +4 ARM%

Weapon Trove : War Hammer +2 WS

Loot Table : Mystic Potion, Blessed Warrior

Minor Trove : Bow of Quickening (Magic) Short bow.
4 charges per day. Each charge allows automatic fire action. No aim required.

Major Trove : Dimvault Bracers (Magic) +2 RS.
+12 INV%, enchanted (spell protection)
SPS charges per day. A charge allows either (a) night sight, (b) decrease foe’s invulnerability by 40%, or (c) enchant arrow with ethereal damage (2d6 x 4).

Massive Trove : Rod of Retribution (Mystic)
Requires 88% Grace to wield. +4WS damage to struck foes.
If attack roll is equal/less than wielder’s SPS, foe’s armour suffers 2d6 damage.
SPS Charges per day. A charge can be spent to either (a) inflict (d6 x SS) mystic fire damage to foe, or (b) all enemies within 4 SQR suffer (d6 x d6) enchanted mystic wounds. SS = spoints spent; the wielder uses their own spoints to power the weapon’s damage.


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