Trove Roll: Turdragon Special

November 26th, 2015
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

FB-Trove-Roll-77It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, and we’re celebrating by rolling out some trove for the Feast of Turdragons! We’re starting with the best possible result on Table I: Trove Pile Generator (d%) , which, as some of you have heard, is found in the Trove chapter in the Old Skool Odds-n-Gods Vol I tome (see anticipated publishing date at end of article).

As noted in the Table I title, the game master rolls percentile dice to find out what treasure awaits the dungeon delvers. As any WEGS player would expect, Wicked Success results (01, 02, 03) trigger something very very good, while Wicked Failure results (97, 98, 99, 00) trigger something awful. We’re skipping that roll, and giving you the best Table I can offer:

01 – Roll thrice more on this table (ignore Wicked Failures).”

Now, let’s start rolling…

D% Roll #1 = 32 – Table V: Weapons
D% Roll #2 = 17 – Table IV: Armour
D% Roll #3 = 0-00 – Cursed Item with Ego. Lucky for you, the original Wicked Success blocks this Wicked Failure result (there’s not much worse than a cursed sword with an attitude.) So, let’s re-roll:
D% Roll #3 = 94 – Table IX: Massive Trove. Now we’re talking trove with a capital T!

For each of the table results above, the GM rolls a d10 to find out what the trove item is.
Here’s how they rolled out:

Table V – Weapon: Blades.
+2 Scimitar

Table IV – Armour: Greaves.
Half Leg, +4 Armour

Table IX – Massive Trove – Special.
The first roll on Table IX was a 10, which instructs the GM to “Roll again on this table and then again on Table I”. This added these items to the turdragon hoard:

Table IV – Armour: Scale Armour.
Coat of Plates, +8 Armour. Special: Elfland Scale.

Table IX – Massive Trove: Ogma’s Majestic Hammer
The Hammer of the Gods in the Wegswyrld! It is so mighty, that it deserves its own dedicated blog entry. So, we’ll wait until all the turdragon feathers settle around here and do that post next week!

Odds-n-Gods, Vol I…

It will definitely be published before Odds-n-Gods, Vol II.


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