The 12 Trove Rolls of WEGS-mas (2017)

December 20th, 2017
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

The annual rolling of the trove begins! From December 20 – 31, we’ll be making daily rolls on our magical Table I: Trove Table Generator (d%). This post will be updated with those results. As with prior year results, these items can be claimed by any player who joins us for a WEGS convention game. What wonders will stuff our stockings this year?!?

On the first day of WEGS-mas my GM rolled for me…FB-Trove-Roll-77

Ring of Invuln, +8% INV%
Realm: Neutral. The wearer gains an automatic invulnerability bonus (no Move penalty applies). The ring also has 8 charges per day that can be spent to gain an instant +20 INV% per charge spent (effect lasts thru next spante).

On the second day of WEGS-mas…

The Great Glaive (Two Handed Weapon)
Realm: Neutral. If wielder rolls their RUG INI score or less, a +1 Damage Die bonus is gained. 2 SQR Range (one diagonal allowed).

On the third day of WEGS-mas… We hit a ROLL TWICE ON THE ARMOUR TABLE bonus!

Helmet, Medium +2 Armour Points

Chainmal, Full Metal Jacket +16 Armour Points

On the fourth day of WEGS-mas… We hit a ROLL TWICE ON THE WEAPONS TABLE bonus! Every weapon on this table gains a TABLE II: STRENGTH BONUS roll (an INI Roll that grants a strength bonus, from +1 (Common) to +6 (Exceptionally Rare). You must roll a 32 for that latter bonus. We rolled a 30 though for the scepter below for a +5 WS bonus.

Longsword, +2 WS

Scepter, +5 WS

On the fifth day of WEGS-mas… we rolled a 95 and hit the MASSIVE TROVE table (range for this is 94-96).

The Skolarum Ring
The power of this ring is dizzying and quite detailed in the notes. What follows is just a summary… Grants +2 SPS. Number of charges per day is equal to the ringbearer’s SPS score (which is heighted due to wearing the ring). Charged effects are: (1) Sense Surge (automatic Sense Magic or Sense Mystic), (2) Ethereality, (3) Vitality (auto heal (d6+4)x10 wounds), (4) Enchanted Immunity (77%). The ring also absorbs any Insanity points the wearer suffers due to spellcasting. Now, this ring also has some quirks (there’s an INI% chance that the ring is insane) and other unpleasant traits. You’ll have to wait for the release of our long-promised Trove book to find out all the vicious details…

On the sixth day of WEGS-mas…

Mystic Potion: Fervor
Works just like the spell of the same name, without the need of Sense Mystic. However… the fine print in the book reads: “There is a (d6xd6)% that the potion is tainted”. Via that dice roll, a 10% chance was established… and then I rolled that success. So, then we refer to the Tainted Potion section where the Kreator gets to pick one of the following effects: Trollspittle, Wraithbreath, Delusion, or Berzerker Brain. Full details of these fun effects noted in the book!

On the seventh day of WEGS-mas…

Mystic Skrowl: 5 Spells
A mystic skrowl has d3 spells upon it; there’s a Frozen Roll chance that it contains an additional d3 as well. However, there’s a (d6 x # of spells)% chance that any skrowl is malevolent… The spells on this skrowl are: (1) Blessed Warrior, (3) Cursed Dice, and (1) Sphere of Light. But… is the skrowl malevolent? You’ll have to wait until its use to find out…

On the eighth day of WEGS-mas…

Studded Leather Bracers +4 Armour Points

On the ninth day of WEGS-mas…

Stealth Blade : +1 Dirk (thrusting dagger)
As a Stealth Blade, the wielder uses their Stealth% score for attacks. In addition, if the attack roll is within their Stealth INI Zone, the attacker suffers -20 INV%.

On the tenth day of WEGS-mas… Rolled a 91 for a Massive Trove table roll!

Enchanted Ring (Magic) : Hands of Ice
4 charges per day. Holds 12 spoints.  Immediately blast Hands of Ice spell with no spoint cost. Spell is blast at 88% ING and 8 SPS strength. The ring bears the enchantment, not the wearer. Its spoints can be used for spell upkeep or to benefit the wearer’s actions at any time. If drained of all spoints, it can still blast the spell (wearer would then pay upkeep with their own spoints).

On the eleventh day of WEGS-mas…

Leather Breastplate : +4 Armour Points

On the twelfth day of WEGS-mas..

Magic Potion: Flaming Fryball
Works just like the spell of the same name, without the need of Sense Magic. Spell is blast at 88% ING, 8 SPS, and 8 inning duration. (Fine print in the rulebook reads: “There is a (d6xd6)% that the potion is tainted”.)

A very merry WEGS-mas to all – hope to see you ’round the game table in 2018!


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