Who Survived the Zombie World Series?

February 3rd, 2014
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First a big thanks to all the Players and Zombie Masters who joined us in the Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series. The results of these games were tracked and reported below. If we take this series as a case study for a zombie apocalypse, the Zombie World Series has taught us two things:

1. Though humans will prevail (by the skin of their teeth) less than 20% of the population will survive.

2. Those most able to adapt and survive are Waitresses, Bartenders, and Sorority Girls.

The proof is in the stats below!

Series  StatsPR-P68-Cover-2014

The series was played in seven states: Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Games were played at these gaming conventions: Dreamation, Pax East, WittCon, Origins Game Fair, DexCon, World Boardgaming Championships, and Gen Con.

68 games were played as part of the Zombie World Series.
5 games were played in the Mid Season Shuffle.
73 games were played in total.

Player Stats

Pittsburgh 68 is a game that is run by a player called the Zombie Master (who controls the zombies and deals the Shuffling Horror deck). Up to 12 other players take part as the Survivors.

13 Zombie Masters ran series games.
306 players joined those games.
693 Survivors were played in these games.
Only 130 of them survived…

Reel Stats

Like an vintage zombie flick, Pittsburgh 68 is played in 4 Reels (rounds). It can be cut short if all players become zombified. Two endgame mechanics also expedite the ending: (a) when there are more Zombie players to Survivor players, and (b) when there is a sole survivor remaining.

Average game length: 3 Reels

1 game ended in Reel 1
8 games ended in Reel 2
25 games ended in Reel 3
39 games ended in Reel 4

The majority of the games make it to Reel 4.

Who Survived?!?PR-P68-Box-Contents-2014

The Shuffling Horror deck has 12 characters, and these are evenly divided among the Survivor players (up to three each). In a game with four players, all start with three Survivors. With twelve players, all start with a single survivor.

33 games out of 73 were survivor victories.
11 of these 33 survivor victories were won by a sole survivor.

Those who survived the most games were:

The Waitress, 14 Wins

The Bartender, 13 Wins

The Sorority Girl, 13 Wins

The Kid Sister and the Business Man survived the least. It should be noted that the Kid Sister and Little Brother cards were not used for all game sessions.

Director Notes

Two series games pushed the extremes:

 One game ended in the first reel; this game had four players with 3 Survivors each.

 One game ended with all 12 characters still alive; this was a game versus four players as well.

A game versus four players is the toughest to win for the Zombie Master.

Big thanks to all those were participated in the Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series!

We could not have done this without you!


Slow moving zombies rule!

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