Zombie World Series-Final Results

January 3rd, 2014
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The results are in for the final two games of the Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series! Our year-long, sixty-eight game series came to its chilling conclusion on New Year’s Eve. The Survivors fought the Zombies all the way to the bitter end.

After Game 66, the Zombies had shambled ahead by a single game lead. In order to survive the series, the Survivors had to secure back-to-back wins. Game 67 and Game 68 started simultaneously in two different states: one in Ohio and one in New Jersey. Located exactly halfway between these two games, Pittsburgh had Zombies closing in on both sides; an epic last stand for survival was about to begin!

The Ohio game pitted the Zombie Master against six players (each had two Survivors for their hand).  In New Jersey, the Zombie Master faced four players (each with three Survivors for their hand). In both games all twelve Survivors were in play. The Zombies were going to have to work hard to claw their way to victory.

The Ohio game ended with four survivors still standing: Little Brother, Sorority Girl, Sheriff, and Waitress. Eight survivors didn’t make it to the final reel! The New Jersey game ended with six survivors still standing: Little Brother, Waitress, Bartender, Farmer, Nurse, Housewife. All in all, twenty-four starting Survivors were whittled down to ten by the zombies.

Both session were pretty lethal but, alas, no zombie victory was in the cards!


The final series score was Survivors 36 and Zombies 35. It is amazing that the series finished with such a “skin-of-their-teeth” endgame. It should be noted that the Survivors did gain a three point bonus during the Mid Season Shuffle (May 2013). Without this edge, they would not have survived!

The Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series started in Oct 2012 and took a little over a year to play out. Thirteen individual Zombie Masters participated in the series and reported the results of their games back to the GameWick Games Zombie HQ. Many series games were featured at game conventions in 2013, too: Gen Con, Origins Game Fair, Pax East, Dreamation, Dexcon, and the World Boardgaming Championships.

Big thanks to all our Zombie Masters and all the players who joined in as Survivors!


Slow moving zombies (still) rule!

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