Zombie World Series: Game 34

May 21st, 2013
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A brisk and brutal end to the the second quarter of the Zombie World Series run by ZM Caryn (her first game in the series). This new Zombie Master didn’t give the Survivors a moment’s rest. The Breaking Point came out during The Opening Scene of the movie and took two Survivors down for the count. Instead of attempting a GUTS test on their first turn for these out-of-play Survivors, both players strategically revealed another Survivor from their hand. This seemed like a good idea at the time…

The rest of the Reel 1 was loaded with zombies and a never-ending Three Card Zombie built ZM Caryn’s first three throngs in seconds (literally). This chewed through the Reel Pile, but left behind The Dealt Hand with two zombies, which the players had trouble eliminating. This gave ZM Caryn another full run of attacks on the players. The Dead Pile soon had its first three victims!

The Car and The Cellar came out early in Reel 2, but neither lasted very long. No sooner was a Survivor revealed than it was devoured by the Zombie throngs.  These.zombies.meant.business.

Q2 Game 34
Where: Parsippany, NJ
# of Players:  3 + ZM Caryn
# of Reels: 2
Last One Standing: The Mechanic
Survivors: 0
GG-tm-ZedZombie tm

The odd thing was that the Game 34 wrapped up in about 34 minutes!

A fast moving and frenzied end to the first half of the series…

Zombies everywhere!

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