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Get Ready for Shuffling Horror Week

September 21st, 2014

Shuffling Horror Week

Halloween is coming and GameWick Games is launching a special week long series for our creepy little zombie game, Pittsburgh 68 – the Game of Shuffling Horror! The series begins the Saturday before Halloween (Oct 25) and concludes on Halloween, Friday (Oct 31). Seven nights straight of shuffling horror – and every night will be at a different game/comic store location in the NJ/NY/PA area.

The excitement of the week culminates with games run in the place where American zombie horror began: Pittsburgh, PA! Dates, times, and locations will be announced in early October on the GameWick blog and our facebook page.

How can you participate?

If you are a local gamer, just show up for the game!

If you are a store interested in hosting a game, let us know! We have a limited number of slots, but would love to hear from you.

If you own the game and want to run it for your friends or at your Favorite Local Game Shop, let us know! The more Zombie Masters, the better! Just like our Zombie World Series, we will tally all game results and see which team wins, Zombies or Survivors.

Stay tuned to this frequency for updated time and location info!


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Pittsburgh Zombies Shuffle into Forbidden Planet NYC

September 19th, 2014

–A GameWick Games Press Release–

Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror has stumbled onto the shelves of Forbidden Planet, one of NYC’s best and hottest comic shops. With its classic horror comic cover, Pittsburgh 68 is sure to catch the eye of fans who remember the early EC comics and even those hooked on The Walking Dead graphic novels. The box and card art is by Steve Blickenstaff, cover artist for the punk band The Cramps.

This card and dice game plays like a vintage zombie flick and is a homage to a time when slow moving zombies ruled. Inspired by the 1968 cult film, Night of the Living Dead, the game pits the players against an ever-growing zombie problem. The zombies are controlled by one player, who seeks to eliminate all the rest.

The game was designed by Larry Wickman and released by his indie game company, GameWick Games. It is the first in the Shuffling Horror line. Next up for this series is Roswell 51, a homage piece to 1950s space invasion flicks.

In the meantime, slow moving zombies rule!


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Satellite Comics & Games, Chatham NJ

September 16th, 2014

Satellite Comics and Games is an exciting new comic and game shop that has landed on Main Street in Chatham, NJ. The store has a very cool vibe, bright and airy, and even a vintage ray gun collection! They also have our creepy little zombie game in stock:  Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror.

We will be running demos at Satellite in the near future. With that ray gun collection, it’s also a perfect place to playtest our next Shuffling Horror game, Roswell 51!


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