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Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Shuffling Horrors!

Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Roswell 51 | BlogCritics Review

September 6th, 2019
News, Reviews

FIN-SQR-R51-Movie-Tilt-gc2A great review for Roswell 51 from Jeff Provine on BlogCritics. Jeff hones in on the sci-fi theme and storytelling aspects of game play. Some quotes:

“There are nods to the thrilling sci-fi movies of the ‘50s all through Roswell 51, both in its colorful art and in-game. Even the cover for the instruction manual is loaded with fake news stories discussing missing cattle, baffled botanists, and theremin music playing in the desert. Simply flipping through the box will set the mood for players.”

“Through it all, the best part of Roswell 51 is adding description from the players. Those playing valiant human survivors should get into character, perhaps even adopting an accent while they choose their actions. The Director can deliver taunting lines about the destruction of Earth while unleashing monster cards. Engagement grows as the story develops, leading to shrieks of laughter or pain as the dice roll to show how the scenes unfold.”

Read the full review here.

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Goth Chick Shuffles The Horror!

May 11th, 2019

FB-SQR-SHB-2018I had sent a Shuffling Horror press kit to Sue Granquist (aka Goth Chick News) over at Black Gate Magazine; a site I’ve been a lurker on for a few years now as they cover a wide array of geeky topics (games, lit, cinema, conventions, ancient history, The Shadow). I was not prepared for the review that was posted, but, here’s how it begins:

“You know how you feel when you meet a new friend and there’s an instant connection? Someone you know will just ‘get you’ and who you’ll now want to spend all your time with, texting them, stalking them on social media, finding out where they live and driving by, and…”

And here’s how it ends:

“Oh, and Larry – that’ll be my black car parked outside your house this weekend.”

Now, everything else in between is the most ebullient review of our Shuffling Horror system that I have ever read. Being sent our press packet cold, with no clue what to expect upon opening, Sue utterly grasped what our creepy little game system is all about. From the art to the GM style, her review nails the B-movie spirit of our indie game. The review is written in a style that aligns with the type of fun we have with our friends and fans at conventions. And for the record, I never use the word ebullient… but… yeah… such a great review!

If you only read one board game review this year, make it this one!

Read the full Goth Chick News review here.

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Roswell 51 – The Rat Hole Review

December 22nd, 2018
News, Reviews

Store-R51-Strange NeighborsThrills! Chills!

A Roswell 51 review from David Chapman, the pappa rat over at The Rat Hole game review site. We mat David at Gen Con this year, when our game caught his eye. As he notes in the review, David loves his B-movies, especially retro sci-fi B-movies.

In his review, David zones in on what makes Shuffling Horror shine:

“Just like a GM, the Director is one part player, one part guide, one part rules guru, and one part storyteller. Unlike an RPG, you can easily play this game straight, with the Survivors and Monsters just a collection of opposing stats, augmented with dice rolls. If you do that, the game is still fun. But when all the players, Survivors and Director, work together to tell a story; that’s when the game truly starts to shine.”

Read the full Rat Hole review here.

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BGG Review-Roswell 51: Make A Low Budget Movie

December 22nd, 2018
News, Reviews

Alan Clift (Kadet) posted a review of ROSWELL 51 on the BoardGameGeek forums. Alan is no stranger to Shuffling Horror, having run the game with us at Gen Con and Origins Game Fair this summer. He knows his way around the Shuffle Board for sure!

Here’s some highlights from his review:FIN-SQR-R51-Movie-Tilt-gc2

–Playing it feels like watching, or even making, a sci-fi B-movie from the 50’s!

–Roswell 51 is a good game with its action-based card-n-dice play that is set in a retro alien invasion theme. It becomes a very good game when players get into character, adding embellishments to the action scenes that the game creates.

–The game has rich fight/flight mechanics. The use of scarce resources, called survivor points, modify dice rolls providing strategic choices. These should be used sparingly as your life depends on it!

–Game play allows for the players to embellish the plot, like actors with creative reign over their characters. This really brings the game to life!

Read the full review here.

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P68 Review: Board Game Quest

June 12th, 2016
News, Reviews

Earlier this year, Tyler Nichols from Board Game Quest reviewed Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68. He shared his thoughts on the pros and cons of our creepy little zombie game. Below are some highlights of what he enjoyed about shuffling our zombies.

Film Frame-P68-Contents“Very easy to teach to new players…”

“A great job with interweaving the theme and story…”

“Pittsburgh 68 keeps the game play for both the survivors and the zombie master enjoyable.”

“(As) the reels get longer, the game becomes much more difficult to survive.”

“Refreshing that even though the zombies on the cards are clearly the walking dead, they are not so grotesque that it’s distracting.”

Tyler’s absolutely right about our zombies. We gave them just enough creep factor without the over-the-top gore associated with later zombie films. We made sure they had that authentic “Bosco Chocolate Syrup” glow, just like they did in Night of the Living Dead!

Tyler concluded that he felt Pittsburgh 68 is “a few changes away from being great.” We were excited by this closing comment, and in a very good way: since the game’s 2012 release, we’ve been tweaking a few of the rules (such as the Survivor Draw Pile). The changes will be implemented in Roswell 51, the next game in our Shuffling Horror line. Great things are coming!

Read Tyler’s full review here.

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Proto Review-Roswell 51 and the Shuffle Board

November 25th, 2015
News, Reviews

The Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board and Roswell 51 are planned 2016 releases.
This review is based on our prototype and playtest decks.

DexCon is a local NJ game convention for the GameWick Gang. This year we rolled out the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board prototype, as well as the Roswell 51 playtest deck. Tom Tiernan, a game reviewer and movie buff, came by to check these out. He had played Pittsburgh 68 with us at a prior DexCon and was very interested to see what the next Shuffling Horror movie was all about. Here are some of his findings:

Blog-Mini-R51-Newspaper“Roswell 51 is another winner from GameWick Games. Dive head first into a 1950’s B movie, as you and your fellow citizens fight off the second invasion force from the planet Mercury! The first invasion went badly for the Mercurians in 1947, but they’re back with a vengeance. All of the craziness from those great flicks are here… from Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Plan 9 from Outer Space. You’ll find more than enough thrills to keep you playing this game over and over.”

“As with Pittsburgh 68, the game is divided into four reels, like a film used to be. Each of the first three reels gets more dangerous and exciting… You’ll play one of the Roswell residents thrown into a desperate battle for the survival of Earth itself. You’ll find weapons of various sorts mixed in with the monsters in each reel. There are also a handful of citizens who must be protected, or they’ll come back as Pod People to attack you.”

“The Shuffling Horror line encapsulates each era they take place in. Both Pittsburgh 68 and Roswell 51 work brilliantly. The <Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board> is an excellent compliment to Shuffling Horror, and I personally couldn’t see myself playing these games without it. It takes away any confusion there may be in setting up and playing the games.”  Read Tom Tiernan’s full review here on his blog (external link).

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