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WEGS Trove Rolling | 2019+2020

By the bright beard of Ogma, it’s the year-end rolling of the trove! We’re doing twelve rolls on the fabled TABLE I: TROVE PILE GENERATION…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our friends and fans! Let’s leave 2020 in the dust, reload all our marbles, and get ready for a happy…

Shuffling Horrors!

Innsmouth 32 | Meet The Cast #4 | The Students

This Miskatonic University trio has the misfortune to be on the bus hijacked by the bootleggers. Do you think they have what it takes to…

Fiends & Fodder #1: The Vorpal Hare

December 11th, 2017
Fiends & Fodder, WEGS Old Skool

A new WEGS Old Skool Fantasy blog series has arrived: Fiends and Fodder! This series will reveal mighty dungeon fiends (like dragons and liches), as well as lesser dungeon fodder (like hobgoblins and orks). Each monster will be treated to “advanced style formatting” (you’ll see what we mean when you crack open the pdf) and all certified fresh for WEGS play, too.

Now, we’re not holding back for our first F&F entry. We start with a fiend that goes right for the jugular: the Vorpal Hare. This furry little horror comes in two flavors: terrifying and psygonic. A solitary Psygonic Hare was introduced at Gary Con IX earlier this year. It pretty much was responsible for a TPK…

PDF: Fiends & Fodder: The Vorpal Hare

(Oh, yeah… forgot to mention… this series will also be throwing about WOSF
material that has only ever been whispered about, like trove and psygonics…)


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Dice Hole O’ Doom

July 8th, 2015
DexCon, Quick Updates, WEGS Old Skool

Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom at DexCon 2015

It was the end of the fourth encounter and I was *CRUSHING* the party.

The TPK was right around the corner. My next roll was going to take out the party’s Sage and all his precious little spells would go bye-bye. For fun and flare, I let out a squeal of joy and rolled my dice into a little dungeon well dead center of the terrain…

0-00! Wicked Failure!

Their mockery fell upon me like a ton of dragon dung riddled with caltrops. It hurt.

(c) GameWick Games LLC


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WEGS Character Sheets

April 23rd, 2015
News, The WEGS Fray, WEGS Old Skool

A new page has been added just for our

WEGS Old Skool Character Sheets!

(Click here to go to the Char Sheet page)

WEGS-Old-Skool-Ark Kard-SingleWEGS-Old-Skool-Ark-BW-2NO-ROLL-ARK-KARD

 Dungeons! Dragons! Wizards! Whatever!


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Old Skool Aftermath: Origins 2014

August 10th, 2014
Conventions, WEGS Old Skool

We were able to squeeze in a game of WEGS Old Skool at Origins 2014, running the ever-popular scenario, Dwarf Walks Into A Bar. This time, however,  I had some tricks up my sleeve. To start, when the adventurers entered the Tongue of Dung tavern, they found the place completely empty. There was no Borkfu. No Runt. No drunken Dwarf slumbering by the fireplace. This place was D.E.A.D (with the exception of the Ogwump, the tavern’s massive Ogre barkeep). There was not a jot of danger to be found. Something was amiss!

The Cast of Character
For a pick-up game, we had eight players and full array of characters: a Humnz Warlock, an Elf Ranger, a Goblin Mage, a Gobin Nekromagiker, a Goblin Sage (yes, you read that right), a Gnobbit Trickster, a Humnz Warrior, and a Humnz Mage.

The Goblins were the Shroomeaters, a clan of some Wegsworld renown (mostly due to their chaotic casting of randomly selected spells and never-ending quest to find the Great Inverted Shroom of Happiness). They have been seeking that darn thing since Gen Con 2006!

But the clan’s true claim to fame is the Chaos and Doom that follows them wherever they go.

Like a pair of mischievous puppies, Chaos and Doom followed them into the bar that night…


“It all started to go wrong when the Yewlulant kicked the Gnobbit.”

Part I – Enter the Yewlulant
Just as the Arks (characters) were getting uncomfortable on their stools, a screaming, gibbering, robed-and-hooded figure ran wildly into the bar. His screams sounded like a mad struggle to summon mystical energies. Above his head he held aloft a strange clay statue of a squatting frog-like creature with a many-tentacled face.  He ferociously kicked at those around him; the inquisitive Gnobbit got punted.

This strange figure was a Yewlulant, a member of a crazed order of Wegsworld summoners who tend to explode when their spell energies go amiss. Some believe this is mostly intentional. It sure looked like an explosion was a-coming. The adventurers had to do something fast or clear out!

It was a randomly cast spell that got the party started. The Goblin Mage found herself with a Jumping Jazzophat spell at her command. She decided it was best used to land on the Yewlulant’s head (well, actually the statue that was held above his head). Either way, the Yewlulant’s neck couldn’t take the full impact of a Goblin Mage.

His body never hit the ground though…

It was sucked up into the strange statue.

The statue, though, DID hit the ground…

It shattered and all went black…

The fun was just beginning…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this epic game!


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Old Skool Action: The Hit-n-Run

July 12th, 2013
News, WEGS Old Skool

Great stuff comes out of our WEGS Old Skool convention games; this game’s little 2d6 2d10 heart beats for such occasions! Recently, a Goblin Warrior was faced with a foe (a Wight of all things) who caused enchanted wounds to any one within four squares at the Spante. The player asked if their Warrior could do a reverse Charge. He wanted to attack first and then run away from the Spante damage.

The “Brave Sir Robin” lyrics from Monty Python and the Holy Grail come into mind:

“When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled…”

Primarily, the Warrior skill Charge! is used to move a Warrior quickly into combat and attack. It is also used to move about combat encounters without the fear of being swiped from opponents. Most importantly though, it allows the Warrior to position themselves behind their foe to gain a Back Attack (a -20% penalty to the foe’s Invulnerability score). From a game standpoint, it encourages combat to keep chaotically swirling around the battle mat.


In the spirit of WEGS, the answer to the player’s question was “Sure! But if you fail, you get only the Attack, not the Move.” The attack would be skill free, too. Normally, if you fail a Charge!, you get the Move but not the Attack. Needless to say, the Warrior failed the Charge!, failed the attack, stood their gaping at his foe basically, and soaking up some Spante damage. If at first you don’t succeed…

“Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about and gallantly he chickened out…”

The old “Yes/But” is something that folks running the game at home should keep in mind. Always try to see the upside of the rules tweak, but always think of the consequences. The give/take with allowing the Hit-n-Run manuever is that the Warrior cannot move to reap the Invulnerability bonus. Sure, the player could spoint move to gain this, which is even better: any time a player spends spoints it shows the heroic importance of the action. Such allowances keep the game spinning in new directions. Fun wins every time!

“Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat…”

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Origins: The WEGS Old Skool Menu

June 7th, 2013
News, WEGS Old Skool

(Note: The full GameWick Games events schedule is found here.)

Here’s our WEGS Old Skool events running at the Origins Game Fair. Some games are designed for beginners (like Dungeon Fun 101), but we teach the rules at all sessions. We delve into some campaign play with a special game on Sat night!

Dungeon Fun 101 with WEGS!
A beginner’s intro to dungeon crawling with WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. Character creation is a breeze and you’ll be face-to-face with some dungeon monsters in minutes. In fact, you get to choose how difficult the first encounter will be: Mild, Medium, or Spicy! With its easy rules and wild dice rolls, WEGS delivers full throttle sword-n-sorcery adventure.

Dwarf Walks Into A Bar
A rag-tag assortment of adventurers are having a real slow night at the Tongue of Dung, a seedy tavern in the bad part of a town called Ikkspatt. In one dark corner, a drunken Dwarf slumbers. In the other, the Goblin chieftain Borkfu and his gang are getting rowdy. Keep one hand on your tankard and the other on your hilt, it’s gonna be one of those nights. A great intro to WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System!

How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon?
Come join the dragon-slaying party and let’s find out! But be warned, this ain’t no ordinary dragon. This vicious dragon has been bred for use with WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. New players start with intro characters. Experienced WEGS players can bring a character of their creation (100 point spread). Multi-classing allowed. WEGS rules will be taught, so don’t fear the system or our wacky lingo. Just jump into the fray with us and have some fun.

Frankenwegs Rising!
A WEGS Old Skool campaign starter. Welcome to the murky moorlands of Kraybania, where the things that go bump in the night are the least of your worries. As entry-level members of The Grand Arm, you have the task to collect taxes from the shunned towns of the Far Country. You are never treated well by the locals (except when they try to rob you), but this time things are different. This time you are offered a cold meal, moldy ale, and a chance to become a hero (just like a high-level member of The Grand Arm, well… almost). Do you have what it takes?


 WEGS Old Skool Event Menu at Origins

(Please confirm times with the onsite program book)

11 am – Dungeon Fun 101 with WEGS! (2 hrs)
9 pm – WEGS: Dwarf Walks Into A Bar  (3 hrs)
9 pm – WEGS: How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon? (2 hrs)

11 am – Dungeon Fun 101 with WEGS! (2 hrs)
3 pm – WEGS: Dwarf Walks Into A Bar  (3 hrs)

11 am – Dungeon Fun 101 with WEGS! (2 hrs)
9 pm – WEGS: Frankenwegs Rising! (3 hrs)

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