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Are you ready for the BOSS? We are in full-throttle play test mode with our new Basic Old Skool System. For our WEGS Old Skool…

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Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Shuffling Horrors!

Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

GameWick at Gen Con 2015

July 29th, 2015

Come Find GameWick Games At Gen Con – Booth #945

Home of the Dice Hog!


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Sneak Peek-The Shuffling Horror Board

July 17th, 2015

Here it is – the official sneak peek at the upcoming Shuffling Horror Board! Our friends and fans have seen the board in person at the recent conventions we’ve attended: it is simply blowing them away. The illustration upon it captures that classic and creepy horror movie vibe that fuels the Shuffling Horror system. The scene features all four of our planned Shuffling Horror releases: Pittsburgh 68 (already released), Roswell 51, Innsmouth 32, and Baltimore 94 (our three future releases).

Designed to make the game fun and easy to run, the Shuffling Horror Board has slots for all the key card areas. Dead center is the Dealt Hand, displayed upon a drive-in movie screen as the Survivors watch the movie play out. The board perimeter has twelve reel cans ready to hold the players’ starting spoints. On top, four reels track the movie’s countdown. There are slots for the Discard Pile and the game’s two Sanctuaries. There is also a brand new concept being introduced – the Survivor Draw Pile.

(c) GameWick Games LLC

The Shuffling Horror Board is a game changer.

Now, this is just a prototype without color and far from final. We’ll be printing a full color version for our Gen Con demos and events. Swing by our booth (#945) and check out the latest/greatest version. Folks who play in our Pittsburgh 68 and Roswell 51 events will get a chance to see the board in action!

Kickstarter Coming Soon.

Stay tuned to our news feed and join the

GameWick Games Facebook

for quick updates.

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Old Throngs

July 9th, 2015

P68-D-2LoneZA game system like Shuffling Horror is a tricky game to playtest. There are so many variables with the flow of the cards and the rolling of the dice. Add in the choices of the players and it’s impossible to state: “That’s Exactly How This Game Is Supposed To Play”. Who wants that in a game anyway!?! It’s a big advantage for a game that wants to give the players unexpected twists and turns every time they play.

It’s all part of the game’s wicked charm.

As a game designer, it is easiest for me to build the game big and then scale back the parts that are overwhelming. For example, in the very first play test of Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68 (Oct 2011), zombie throngs were granted a damage bonus based on their total strength. That made total sense from a cinematic standpoint: the bigger the throng, the more danger it possessed.

P68-D-4LoneZA “throng” is a grouping of individual zombie cards. In the initial playtest, for every point a throng accumulated above 10, a +1 damage bonus was granted. A throng with a base value of 11, gained a +1 damage bonus, a 12 base granted a +2 bonus, a 13 a +3 bonus, and so on.

Easy to remember rules. Gotta love ’em!

This rule allowed the Director to factor some strategy when building throngs. However, giving the Director more power was the last thing this game needed. While it was a fun and simple rule to implement, it was also an easy rule to toss out the window…

Just like a rotting zombie corpse!

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Dice Hole O’ Doom

July 8th, 2015

Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom at DexCon 2015

It was the end of the fourth encounter and I was *CRUSHING* the party.

The TPK was right around the corner. My next roll was going to take out the party’s Sage and all his precious little spells would go bye-bye. For fun and flare, I let out a squeal of joy and rolled my dice into a little dungeon well dead center of the terrain…

0-00! Wicked Failure!

Their mockery fell upon me like a ton of dragon dung riddled with caltrops. It hurt.

(c) GameWick Games LLC


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GameWick at DexCon 2015

July 6th, 2015

We had a whole bunch of fun at DexCon 2015 over the July 4th weekend!

Meet some great folks, hung out with old friends, and got in some great sessions of our games. Players got a chance to see our next Shuffling Horror release, Roswell 51 in action. We messed around a bit with an idea for a simplified version of WEGS Old Skool that we’re calling The B.O.S.S. (Basic Old Skool System). We even gave folks a glimpse of our Shuffle Board prototype (

All in all, a great time celebrating gaming independence!


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It’s Roswell Week!

July 6th, 2015

Blog-Mini-R51-NewspaperPut on your tin-foil hats and get ready for some fun!

July 8th, 2015 marks the 68th anniversary of the mysterious “Incident at Roswell”. As the next game in our Shuffling Horror line is Roswell 51, we’ll be running a special playtest of the game on that day.

In addition, all week long we will be blogging on what we have in the works, and also feature some very cool feedback we’ve recently received from our fans. We’ll also reveal a new concept for the Shuffling Horror game called the “Survivor Draw Pile”.

There’s even a sneak peek of the Shuffling Horror board coming!

Stay tuned to this frequency and keep your eyes to the skies!!!

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