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Roswell 51: Available Now!

August 24th, 2017

– The Roswell 51 Invasion Begins –

Grab your copy now!

Click the pic below to be transported to our online shop.


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Gen Con 50 – Shuffling Horror Events (2017)

August 14th, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to play with GameWick Games at Gen Con this week (Aug 17- 20). Boy, have we got a whole bunch of fun planned for our friends and fans! Two flavors of Shuffling Horror await: join us for some cult classic Pittsburgh 68 zombie horror, or check out our new release,  Roswell 51, a 1950s sci-fi alien invasion B-movie. Both games are available for purchase at our booth, too (#3018 – click here for map to our booth.)

=> All Shuffling Horror games are two hours (or less). PG-13 Rating. Simple rules, all explained!

=> All events held at HALL C, Orange tables, #1 – #3 (just look for our banners). A very short walk to the Exhibit Hall.

=> Here’s a quick list to our events via the Gen Con High Programmer, this shows available tickets/seats.

***Important Note*** All of our events are multi-table; while an event may be open to 12 or 18 players, this is NOT a 12 or 18 player game. There will be six players per table. Don’t let the large player count scare you!!!

THURSDAY – August 17

10:00 am    Roswell 51      (BGM17110569)
12:00 pm    Pittsburgh 68  (BGM17110575)
2:00 pm      Roswell 51       (BGM17110570)

Both Roswell 51 & Pittsburgh 68 are offered at the Sci Fi Double Feature (player’s choice).
4:00 pm      Sci-Fi Double Feature    (BGM17110564)
8:00 pm      Sci-Fi Double Feature    (BGM17110565)
10:00 pm    Sci-Fi Double Feature   (BGM17110566)

FRIDAY –  August 18
10:00 am    Roswell 51 (BGM17110571)
12:00 pm    Pittsburgh 68 (BGM17110576)
2:00 pm      Roswell 51 (BGM17110572)

Both Roswell 51 & Pittsburgh 68 are offered at the Sci Fi Double Feature (player’s choice).
4:00 pm    Sci-Fi Double Feature (BGM17110567)
8:00 pm    Sci-Fi Double Feature (BGM17110568)

Saturday – August 19
10:00 am    Roswell 51  (BGM17110573)  SOLD OUT!
12:00 pm   Pittsburgh 68 (BGM17110577) SOLD OUT!

Sunday – August 20
12:00 pm Sci-Fi Double Feature (BGM17110574)  Last chance to shuffle the horror with us!

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Gen Con 50-Booth 3018

August 14th, 2017

Hey GameWick Games fans!

Are you ready to discover all the awesome stuff at our booth this week?!? We’re super excited to release the greatest Shuffling Horror game ever – ROSWELL 51! Plus we got a whole bunch of treasures in our WEGS Old Skool corner, too! But you have to swing by Booth #3018 to check it all out.

Super easy access from the front right corner of the hall, and REALLY REALLY close to where all of our Roswell 51 and Pittsburgh 68 tabletop events are being held (Hall C, Orange tables #1-#3). See all you crazy-n-cool gamers there!

We are also featuring great products from Bent Castle Workshops, Black Blade Publishing, and The Twisting Stair! Stock is extremely limited for these companies, so get to our booth early to secure your copies!

SQR-GC50-Booth Arrow Map

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 exciting pics of our Gen Con exploits!

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Spooky Card Cases

August 11th, 2017

One of the add-ons for our Roswell 51 kickstarter were a pair of spooky card cases, which are perfect for use with the new Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board!  As the lids are detached from the base, the cases are easily multi-purposed for game play. We suggest the following use (as shown in the pic below):

Lid #1 ==> Survivor Draw Pile platform (top left).
Lid #2 ==> Discard Pile platform (top right).

Base #1 ==> Reel Pile platform (top center).
Base #2 ==> Spoint token tray.

Used in this fashion, spoint tokens are neatly contained during play. As platforms, cards are effortlessly drawn from their respective piles. The Reel Pile platform sits higher than the Survivor / Discard piles, establishing its importance during play.

Card decks can be stored securely in each case after the game. Voila!


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