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Are you ready for the BOSS? We are in full-throttle play test mode with our new Basic Old Skool System. For our WEGS Old Skool…

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Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Shuffling Horrors!

Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

The No Roll Hero

March 26th, 2014

Just a sneak peek at our newly updated No Roll Hero character sheet. It sure looks a lot like the original Ark Kard, but can you tell what’s missing?!? And what’s that little section down in the bottom right corner called The Heroic Edge?!?


Answer: The INI and RANK lines are missing…

No. No. The good old WEGS system isn’t changing, folks! This is just the basic character sheet we use for our introductory games for new players. We revised it a bit since we playtested it last summer (at GenCon). The Heroic Edge is a brand-new addition and will be play-tested at GaryCon a bit. More details to follow once we get back from GaryCon!


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The Ultimate Dungeon Party

March 26th, 2014

Are you looking for some awesomely old skool, sword-n-sorcery heroes to spice up your home game?!? Well, the Ultimate Dungeon Party is just what you need!  The Ultimate Dungeon Party is an advanced hero deck for WEGS Old Skool play. This fifty-four card deck contains all the skills and spells for six new heroes: a holy rolling Templar;  a battle-dancing Glaivemaiden; a poisonous Sneak; a devilish Warlock; a slap-happy Monk; a mighty, mighty Dungeoneer!

In classic WEGS style, there’s no rulebook for these new characters. The skill cards tell you everything you need to know about each new Arketype. All you have to do is deal out the deck and get the party started!


Be advised, the Ultimate Dungeon Party (UDP) contains advanced characters and play best in the hands of those familiar with the WEGS system. These heroes follow the simple WEGS Old Skool core rules, but are also granted powerful system cheats, special weapons, and dangerous lore. They stand strong as individual characters, but can be played right alongside the original Old Skool heroes (Warrior, Ranger, Trickster, Mage, and Sage).

These heroes have what it takes to withstand whatever the dungeon is going to throw at ’em!

Power up your WEGS game with the Ultimate Dungeon Party!

For sale here!


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P68 FAQ: Sanctuary in New Z-land

March 12th, 2014

GG-tm-ZedZombie tm

It has been confirmed – the zombie outbreak has hit New Zealand! A Zombie Master there sent us an email regarding the game’s Sanctuary cards. In Pittsburgh 68, there are two Sanctuary cards: The Car and The Cellar. Both provide shelter for the survivors to rest – but these may not last long as they are subject to zombie attacks once they become occupied with “fresh meat”.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLCHere are the questions from Brett in New Z-land.

“Is it a Player action or Survivor action to enter a sanctuary?”

Answer: Move is a survivor action (p8); if a player has multiple survivors in play, one or all can be moved into the sanctuary. A player is free to act with those who don’t move. There are only two Player actions that prohibit multiple survivor actions: Reveal and Take+Attack.

“It is unclear as to what survivors can do in the shelter. Can they take an action or do they miss their action to gain the spoints?”

Answer: A survivor forfeits their action to gain spoints (p3). A survivor cannot act or attack while in a sanctuary – they are hiding/resting. Taking the spoints commits that survivor to staying in the sanctuary until the player’s next turn. If they choose NOT to take the spoints, the survivor freely returns to a player’s hand and may immediately act. The MOVE into the sanctuary is an action, the return is not.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLC “It seems that the spoints gained from a sanctuary are general spoints not character spoints. Is this correct?”

Answer: No, sanctuary spoints are character spoints. The only general spoints in the game are the seven that each player starts with (p4). All spoints gained after the game begins (via Rest) are character spoints and placed on that survivor’s card.

“The plot device card “Run For It” affects all survivors in play and if a survivor fails the check they get attacked by a zombie. Survivors in sanctuaries are affected by plot devices but can’t usually be attacked. Can they be attacked in this case if they fail the check?”

Answer: Yes, they can be attacked. Run For It is the only Plot Device card that affects every in-play survivor, even those in a sanctuary. When we play Pittsburgh 68 at game conventions we explain that Run For It triggers the scene in the movie where the survivors forgot to check that one closet in the room or don’t to look in the back seat of the car… While they thought they were safe, they suddenly discover they have a zombie problem in their hiding spot. Run For It is a short-lived zombie attack but critical to allow the zombies a breaching point.

Thanks for the questions and keep on shuffling!


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Dead Don’t Walk: WD, Ep12

March 6th, 2014

Here is our Dead Don’t Walk recap of “Still”, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead. For those readers who are familiar with Pittsburgh 68, the Game of Shuffling Horror, the blood red highlights below are game terms.

Ever since their prison sanctuary fell in the season’s first episode, the Walking Dead survivors have been scattered and on the run. Just like dealing random survivors at the start of a Pittsburgh 68 game, fate has thrown together some very unexpected character groupings.

This week’s episode turned the camera back on the unlikely pairing of Daryl and Beth, who have been desperately trying to stay ahead of the zombie shuffle. The full episode focuses on their decaying relationship as it is pushed to its Breaking Point. Riveting drama unfolds between these two survivors as they deal with the reality of their grim situation.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLCRight from the start, the duo is forced to take sanctuary in the trunk of The Car, where they spend the night huddled in fear. A throng of zombies assault the car, but it keeps them safe until the undead storm passes. Exiting the trunk, they quietly scavenge whatever items can be found (If We Only Had A…) and then quickly get back on the move. The two barely speak. Both are exhausted and in their own auto-pilot survival mode.

It is young Beth who bravely breaks the silence. She refuses to accept that the rest of her life will be spent huddled around temporary campfires safeguarded by makeshift hubcaps-on-wire security systems. To prove this, and reclaim a bit of her humanity, she sets off to find The Bartender and have her first drink.

Daryl reluctantly trails along as her guardian. The duo happen upon a Country Club sanctuary filled with the rotting remains of its former occupants. On their way to find the club’s bar, they encounter Three Lone Zombies. Daryl singlehandedly takes care of the lot with a Golf Club + Killing Machine combo. Nice play, Daryl!

Behind the bar, Beth finds the remains of The Bartender and also a lone bottle of peach schnapps. Instead of having a celebratory drink, she hits her Breaking Point. She explains to Daryl that she has realized he will be the Last One Standing in the game.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games llcDaryl decides that Beth really should have that first drink, and leads Beth to a backwoods shack that he and Michonne discovered on an earlier scavenging trek. The shack has a still and cases of moonshine. As they drink, they talk, they argue, they break down. By the end, both Daryl and Beth have had the catharsis they needed.

The duo stand ready for whatever this messed-up zombified world is going to throw at them. To prove it, they chuck a Gas Cocktail into their shack sanctuary and it goes up in a blaze of glory.

Two phoenix rise from the flames.

The Survivors win this one. Big time.


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