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Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Shuffling Horrors!

Big News! The New GameWick Games Shop is Live!

And here to celebrate with us is the talented Mr. H.P. Lovecraft who stars as The Night Clerk in Shuffling Horror: Innsmouth 32! (The Innsmouth…

Dead Don’t Walk: WD, Ep11

February 26th, 2014

Here is our Dead Don’t Walk recap of “Claimed”, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead. For those readers who are familiar with Pittsburgh 68, the Game of Shuffling Horror, the blood red highlights below are game terms.

Following last week’s four story bonanza, this week’s episode focuses on only two: Sheriff Rick and Glenn. All in all, the episode was light on the zombie action and heavy on plot and character development.

#1: Rick’s Game
While Carl and Michonne go off looking for supplies, Sheriff Rick stays home to rest to gain spoints. Rick’s recovery is soon interrupted by a gang of scavengers who break in to his sanctuary. In his attempt to evade the trespassers, Rick sneaks into the bathroom, but finds it is already occupied! After a hushed tussle with this gang member, Rick dispatches him and departs through the window. It isn’t long before his victim reanimates as a Familiar Face and shuffles off to attack the gang he came in with. This gives Rick the cover he needs for a quick Run For It. Nice play, Sheriff!

#2: Glenn’s Game
Glenn starts the episode unconscious and out of spoints. He lies in the back of a truck with Tara beside him. In the cab, we find three new survivors: Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinoza. The truck stops when they happen upon some wrecked vehicles. It isn’t long before Two Lone Zombies and the Queen of the Zombies start banging on the back of the truck looking for some nibbles. The Sergeant takes a crowbar and quickly kills the zombie duo. He has trouble with the Queen, who takes a couple solid head shots before she crumbles. The Sergeant just smiles and states he’s “the luckiest guy in the world”. He better hope his luck holds up in this dice-rolling zombie game!

Later, Glenn awakens and forces the Sergeant to stop the truck along a deserted road lined with a cornfield. As Glenn and the Sergeant’s conversation escalates into an all-out brawl, a surge of walkers stumble out of the corn. The survivors unite in their efforts to quickly end the reel. They triumph over the zombies, but find they have lost the truck due to some careless shooting by Eugene.

The episode ends by cutting back to Sheriff Rick’s story. We find him, Carl and Michonne along the railroad tracks seen in last week’s episode. Here they discover that all too familiar sign.

“Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive. Terminus.”

Can’t wait until we get to this super-sanctuary…

Until then, keep on shuffling!


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Kingmakers-Columbus OH

February 20th, 2014

Look what shuffled up to the bar at Kingmakers, a board game parlour located in the Short North section of Columbus OH. This place looks like it has it all: beer, games, pretzels, and now, Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror.

The GameWick Games gang will be checking this place out when we head to Origins Game Fair this year!

FB P68 Kingmakers

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DDW Recap: Walking Dead-Ep10

February 20th, 2014

Here’s this week’s Dead Don’t Walk recap of “Inmates”, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead. A better title for the episode might have been “Tracks”, as the entire episode revolves around tracking, backtracking, and, literally, train tracks. The episode presents a quartet of survivor stories that weave together a tale of what happened after each group fled the prison. From a Pittsburgh 68 perspective, we’ll treat each story as its own Opening Scene. The blood red highlights are game terms. Here goes!

#1: Daryl and BethSQR-P68-They-Shuffle-Banner
The episode opens with Daryl and Beth in a slow motion Run For It sequence. At one point Beth is clutched by a zombie, but frees herself by headshotting it with The Knife! After the ordeal, the duo discover some tracks and follow them in the hope of finding their lost companions. This leads them to Three Lone Zombies having brunch by some railroad tracks. Beth spots a child’s shoe in the bloody mix and hits her Breaking Point.

#2: Tyreese, Kid Sister #1 and #2 (plus two bonus SPOILER reveals!)
Tyreese and two Kid Sisters (Lizzie and Mika) are making their way through the forest. As Tyreese turns to the camera for the first time, a fourth companion is revealed, Baby Judith! This man has his hands full, but he takes the time to explain the basic rules of Run For It to a worried Mika: “When you hear walkers, you run. When in a group, you stay close.” He forgot to explain the part about using spoints to increase the odds of her Flail test, but she gets the point. This story ends with a final shocking reveal: Carol! The survivor quintet soon end up by some railroad tracks where they discover a sign for a sanctuary called “Terminus”. The sign states:  “Those who arrive survive”. Sounds irresistable. Must be one of those mythical 20 spoint sanctuaries…

#3: Maggie, Sasha, Bob
Maggie is dead set on finding Glenn. Sasha argues the value of finding sanctuary and food instead. Since the If We Only Had A… card isn’t in play, they all set off to find Glenn. The trio soon find the bus from the prison, wrecked and chock full of zombies. As Glenn was last seen boarding this bus, Maggie has got to find out if he’s inside. The plan is for Sasha and Bob to let the zombies off the bus one by one, allowing Maggie to whittle them away. This plan goes south when it triggers a Three Card Zombie avalanche, sending Maggie into Killing Machine mode with The Knife. She clears the bus – but does not find Glenn (because he’s in the last segment).

#4: Glenn and Tara
Glenn finds himself stuck at the prison, having jumped off the bus early. In order to escape he has got to single-handedly Hold Them Back! After he pushes his way through the throng, he spots a shell-shocked Tara, who seems to be suffering from The Breaking Point. With the help of The Gas Cocktail, he rescues her and the two flee from the prison.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the episode doesn’t quite end there!

A military vehicle rolls up and reveals three more characters. We’ll find out who they are soon…

Until then, keep on shuffling!

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DDW Recap: Walking Dead-E9

February 13th, 2014

The Walking Dead series kicked off the second half of Season 4 on AMC this week! Here’s our first Dead Don’t Walk recap of the episode in the lingo of our creepy little zombie game, Pittsburgh 68.

Episode 9, After: Having been separated from the rest of the Survivors during the mid-season shuffle, this reel starts with The Sheriff and The Little Brother on their own, trying to find a Sanctuary. The Sheriff is dead weight at this point (totally out of spoints). While Rick rests, it’s up to Carl to find food and fend off the throngs. He soon ends up triggering a Three Card Zombie (literally, he is trapped under three zombies) but manages to shoot and flail his way out. Shortly thereafter, he becomes clutched by the King of the Zombies (who ends up only stealing his shoe). For all of his troubles, the Little Brother does manage to find a huge can of chocolate pudding (for the win!). Things get dicey when Carl thinks the Sheriff has become a Familiar Face. The reel ends with an unexpected knock on the door and a new Survivor is revealed: Michonne (who was seen earlier in the episode in full Killing Machine mode and wiping out four full throngs)!

Perhaps the episode title should have been called: For The Win!
Stay tuned for next week’s They Shuffle! recap.


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Share Some Zombie Love

February 13th, 2014

Hello GameWick Games Fans!
Help us spread the word on our creepy little zombie game,
Pittsburgh 68 – A Game of Shuffling Horror!

Share this pic with the game shop or comic shop you love,
and let them know our zombies are shuffling their way!


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GaryCon: The Old Skool Menu

February 5th, 2014

GameWick Games is heading to GaryCon VI in Lake Geneva, WI (March 27-30). This is THE place where Dungeons & Dragons got its start and THE convention that honors its founding father, Gary Gygax. Both TSR Games (the original publishers of D&D) and GenCon (now the largest tabletop gaming convention in the US) were started here by Gary as well. Like Gandalf the Grey, Gygax took us on an unexpected journey to a fantasy world where we could create heroic characters, swing swords, cast spells, and meet dragons head on. If you cannot tell already, we are super excited to be attending our first GaryCon!

FB-Gary-Con1We will be running two classic dungeon modules written by Dungeonmaster Gygax: Keep on the Borderlands and Descent into the Depths of the Earth. Our WEGS Old Skool system will be used for these games. Players will also find two of our convention favorites on the menu: Dwarf Walks Into A Bar and Just How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon?

For players who don’t know what WEGS Old Skool is all about, that is no problem! Rules will be taught at each session. WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System, revels in unfettered heroic action and dramatic dice rolls. This sword-n-sorcery system was inspired from the basic Dungeons and Dragons rule set (1979), and focuses on easy character creation and all-out dungeon adventure. Unlike the D&D system, four dice alone fuel the WEGS battle frenzy: two six-sided dice and two ten-sided dice (or 2d6 and 2d10 in geek speak).

Join us for some wicked adventure in the place where it all began!

The Old Skool Menu at GaryCon

Dungeon Fun 101-WEGS Style!
Thu:11am-1pm; Fri:11am-1pm
Dungeon Heroes Wanted! Never rolled up a character before? No worries. Character creation is a breeze and you’ll be face-to-face with some monsters in minutes. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to survive in this wicked dungeon crawl. In fact, you get to choose how difficult the first encounter will be: Mild, Medium, or Spicy! With its easy rules and wild dice rolls, WEGS Old Skool is designed for over-the-top heroic encounters. All you need is a sense of adventure to get started!

Keep on the Borderlands-B2-WEGS Style!
Thu: 2pm-5pm; Fri: 2pm-5pm; Sat: 10am-1pm; Sat: 2pm-5pm
Get ready for some old skool adventure with a whole new system! We’re cracking open the classic intro dungeon module Keep on the Borderlands and heading straight into the dread Caves of Chaos! WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System, will be used as the system. Fantastic heroes will be created in minutes and, moments later, face-to-face with terrible foes. The cultists and minotaur and owlbear and oozes are waiting! Set your dice to 1980 and let’s have some fun! All.Rules.Taught.

Descent into the Depths of the Earth-D1-WEGS Style!
Thu:8pm-11pm; Fri:8pm-11pmPlay WEGS!
Get ready for some old skool adventure with a whole new system! We’re cracking open the classic dungeon module Descent into the Depths of the Earth and heading straight into the caverns of the Drow! WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System, will be used as the system. Fantastic heroes will be created in minutes and, moments later, on their way to battle trolls and bugbears and troglodytes! Maybe even a lich if they wander into the wrong cave… Set your dice to 1978 and let’s roll! All.Rules.Taught.

Dwarf Walks Into A Bar
Swords. Sorcery. Wizards. Whatever! Anything goes in this barbarian bar room brawl!  A rag-tag assortment of adventurers are having a real slow night at the Tongue of Dung, a seedy tavern in the bad part of a town called Ikkspatt. In one dark corner, a drunken Dwarf slumbers. In the other, the Goblin chieftain Borkfu and his gang are getting rowdy. The Ogre barkeep looks like he is itching for a reason to hit something with his club. Keep one hand on your tankard and the other on your hilt, it is gonna be one of those nights. A great intro to WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. A GenCon fan favorite since 2006!

Just How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon?
Come join the dragon-slaying party and let’s find out! If you haven’t slain a dragon the whole con, what have you been waiting for?!?  New players are welcome to join us in this free-for-all dragon brawl. WEGS Old Skool rules will be taught.  We will wrap up character creation in minutes, declare marching order, and then bring out the fire-breathing beasty. Don’t get too attached to your characters, though… Heroes will be roasted!


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