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BOSS RPG | Basic Old Skool System

Are you ready for the BOSS? We are in full-throttle play test mode with our new Basic Old Skool System. For our WEGS Old Skool…

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BOSS RPG | Basic Old Skool System

March 5th, 2021
BOSS, Caves of Utter Chaos, The WEGS Fray, WEGS Old Skool

Are you ready for the BOSS?

We are in full-throttle play test mode with our new Basic Old Skool System.

For our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy fans, you’re going to love this new take on our original rpg.

New spells, new monsters, and a dungeon full of traps and treasures to explore.

We hope to release this in late 2021.  Stay tuned!


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WEGS Trove Rolling | 2019+2020

December 31st, 2019
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

By the brigBLOG-Trove-Roll-2020-600ht beard of Ogma, it’s the year-end rolling of the trove! We’re doing twelve rolls on the fabled TABLE I: TROVE PILE GENERATION table. Six rolls to end the year with a bang, then six more to get your new year o’ adventure started.

Every item and almost every bonus you read below is generated by this amazing and yet-to-be-published table. Remember, your hero can claim any of these sweet, sweet treasures for any WEGS game you join us for in 2020 (like at Gary Con, Origins Game Fair, Gen Con, etc).

Nuff said, let’s roll!

Your 2019 Haul – Six Random Trove Rolls

Roll #1. Table V: Weapon Trove | Roll Twice Bonus!
2 Broadhead Arrows. +4 RS
Arrows are retrievable unless a Bad Shot or Wicked Fail is rolled. If so, Frozen Roll chance that the arrow is broken beyond repair.

1 Rapier (Stealth Blade). +3 WS
Use Stealth% to attack. Damage via Warrior Strength + weapon bonus.

Roll #2. CURSED ITEM (Roll Again). Table VIII: Major Trove
Ethersilk Boots (CURSED!)
Realm: Magic. Charges: 8 per day.
Automatic +6% Stealth Rank bonus. Each charge allows free Move+Attack (as per Act Fast! rules) with a +4 MS bonus to movement. The slight stink these boots have is a delightful scent to creatures of the Ether. In addition, the item has an Accursed Bond with the hero’s Wounds score. The higher of the hero’s Wounds rank stats (Prowess or Ruggedness rank) is instantly transferred to the item as if it was its own. Removing these boots eradicates the hero’s own rank. And then there is the matter of the Curse Itself. We’ll circle back on this in a later post…

Roll #3. Table VI: Loot
Magic Skrowl: Scry
Success Roll: 88%. Strength: 8 SPS. Duration: 8 innings (after which upkeep begins).
The caster gains the ability to see an item’s past history to discover its purpose or use.

Roll #4. Table VI: Loot
Ring of Invuln | +8% INV
Realm: Magic. Charges: 8 per day.
When worn, this ring provides a powerful +8% invulnerability. In addition, a charge increases Invulnerability by +20% for one inning. Charges can be stacked.

Roll #5. Table VI: Loot
Ring of Mystic Strength +2 Spell Point Strength
Realm: Mystic. Charges: 8 per day.
A charge increases the user’s Spell Point Strength for one full inning and Spante (or vice versa).

Roll #6. Table IV: Armour
Leather Armour: Light, +5 Armour
Leather armour is not factored for any Move penalty rules.

Your 2020 Haul – Six More Random Trove Rolls

Roll #7. Table IV: Armour Trove
Breast Plate, Leather, +4 Arm%
Leather armour is not factored for any Move penalty rules.

Roll #8. Table V: Weapon Trove | Great Weapons sub-table
Great Bastard Sword (PRW)
Two square striking range (diagonal allowed). If Prowess roll is within your INI range, +1 Damage Die bonus.

Roll #9. Table IV: Armour Trove
Greaves, Half Leg, +4 Arm%

Roll #10. Table V: Weapon | Whacker sub-table.
War Hammer, +3
If Prowess roll is within your INI range, re-roll 1s on the Damage Die allowed.

Roll #11. Table VI: Loot
Ring of Strength, +2 Move Strength (CURSED!)
Realm: Neutral. Charges: 8 per day.
A charge increases the wearer’s move for one full inning and Spante (or vice versa). This is the second cursed item on this year’s roster. As noted above, we’ll circle back and explain how curses work in WEGS in a future blog post.

Roll #12. Table VI: Loot | Copper sub-table
Coffer of Copper
The coffer contains all of the following (all randomly rolled):
Purse with 1885 copper pieces.
Sack with 20 copper pieces.
Ogre’s Sack with 10, 656 copper pieces.
(2) Throwing Daggers, +2 RS
(1) Magic Skrowl: Sniffer
Success Roll: 88%. Strength: 8 SPS. Duration: 8 innings (after which upkeep begins).
The mage conjures a phantasmal terrier with a nose for detecting traps, and concealed or hidden passages. It also can find hidden trails or put on the scent to track down quarry. The phantasm must stay within sight of the caster for the spell duration.

Wow, that might be the biggest coffer of trove ever found in the Wegswyrld.

That bodes well for the new year ahead!


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WEGS Old Skool-Shield Use

March 5th, 2019
The WEGS Fray

We’re dropping some down-n-dirty basic shield rules into our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy games at Gary Con this year – and it’s about time! Of course, there are some rules and limitations to go along with the upgrade (and these are all playtest rules). Read on, you shield-carrying dungeon dwellers!

(Oh yeah, here’s the full GameWick at Gary Con events list.)

Shield (Odd Skill, 77%, 1 spoint)PIC-SQR-DICEY-SHIELDRULES
The shield is a warrior skill; so, warriors automatically have this as part of their base skill set. It is an Odd Skill, with a 77% success rate and costs a spoint (spell point) each use. The shield is activated in lieu of the character’s INVULNERABILITY roll (a really good thing to use, if your invulnerability has been gimped by an opponent). If successful, the shield stops ALL damage. If it fails, the character takes HALF damage.

Shield Limitations
A shield takes one attack action to ready; when active, only single-handed melee weapons can be used. The shield is only beneficial versus melee attacks that the character is aware of (not back attacks) and may also be used versus short range hurled weapons or ballistic attacks.

Wear and Tear
A shield suffers wear and tear. Each full hit it takes is tracked by the player (basically, the shield is suffering the damage that the character isn’t). When a shield has taken a total of 200 wounds, each and every hit after that is the percent chance the shield is rendered useless. It must be mended or fixed. Alt Idea: Every 200 hits reduces the shield one level in effectiveness: Level 4, 77%. Level 3, 55%. Level 2, 33%, Level 1, 11%. If reduced to level zero it is useless!

Good Shots, Bad Shots, and the Wicked
For any shield defense roll, if a Wicked Success and Good Shot is rolled, the shield does not take any damage. However, a Wicked Failure causes double damage to the shield and knocks it into a non-ready state. A bad shot failure (rolling an 80 or 90) causes the character to suffer FULL wounds (instead of the normal HALF for failure).

Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.


BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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WEGS Old Skool-Basic Spellcasting

March 3rd, 2019
The WEGS Fray

For those of you joining us at Gary Con for WEGS Old Skool Fantasy game and who love playing spellcasters, below is a quick run-down of how spellcasting works in WEGS (Wickedly Errant Game System). Even at intro level, spellcasters wield a lot of power. There’s no starting number of spells or limits on how many spells they can cast a day, but there is, of course, a catch. Read on, dear wizards and acolytes!

(Oh yeah, here’s the full GameWick at Gary Con events list.)

Magic User or ClericPic-CastBlast-Series-600
Spellcasting classes are either a Mage (magic user) or Sage (cleric). Each archetype has ten basic spells to use, however, we will have our draft BOSS spellbook with us (which has over 30 spells per class now). If you want a sneak peek at these spells, shoot us an email ( and we’ll send you a link. If you are in our BEYOND THUNDERDOOM event, you will want to check this out before the game!

Spell Power (Spoints)
All characters have a pool of spell points (spoints). These are used to cast spells. Unlike other systems, you can cast as many spells as you want, as many times as you want – AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE SPOINTS TO PAY FOR IT. Once you are out of spoints, you can no longer summon magic or call upon the spirits to help you out.

Cast & Blast
Like aim + fire for ballistic attacks, spellcasting takes two turns. The first turn you must summon the spell energy (CAST) and the next you unleash the spell (BLAST). Each phase you must succeed a success roll. Casting has a 77% of success (roll d%). Blasting is based on the spellcaster’s stat score (also a d% roll). Both phases cost spoints, too: 1 spoint to cast and 4 spoints to blast. So, every spell inevitably costs 5 spoints.

Spell Duration
Spells typically do not have a set duration; a spellcaster owes 1 spoint per turn to keep it going. If you want to keep that wall of fire burning, just pay that spoint. If you don’t have any spoints left, down comes that wall of fire.

Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.


BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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WEGS Old Skool-Basic Character Creation

February 21st, 2019
The WEGS Fray

Are you ready to dungeon crawl?!? For those of you signed up for a WEGS Old Skool Fantasy game at Gary Con (or for those of you who just want to know more about this WEGS stuff), here’s the No Roll Hero PDF. It’s a quick overview of WEGS character creation and introduces some basic rules of play, too. For those familiar with the system, you’ll notice the No Roll character sheet is a stripped-down version of our classic character sheet. While designed for intro play, it also includes a new mechanic called the Heroic Edge (some of you might call this a “saving throw”). You will want to check those rules out as they might save you a Phew point or two someday…

The guide also introduces you to Gorgax The Barbarian,
illustrated in the classic old skool stylings of Brian “Glad” Thomas.


Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.

BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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Gary Con XI Event: The Caves of Utter Chaos (WEGS)

January 22nd, 2019
Conventions, Gary Con, The WEGS Fray

Where: Gary Con Gaming Convention
When: Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th
Time: 2 – 5 pm
System: WEGS Basic Old Skool System (WEGS BOSS)

A grizzled old Dwarf, his beard wet with ale, turns to your party. Long-ago adventure gleams in his eye as he lets you in on a little secret… “You’ve heard of the Caves of Chaos, perhaps? Well, there are  caves below those caves… the Caves of Utter Chaos. Everyone knows the upper caves have long since be picked over by every first-level adventurer and his five hit-point brother. The caves beyond… ah… that’s where the fun is now! But those who enter better be prepared for anything, my friends. It is a mess of chaotic tunnels and forgotten chambers, impossible to map, and rife with terrible foes, nasty traps, and, if Lady Luck allows, treasure galore… If you’re looking for adventure, that’s the place to be…”

As many can guess, the Caves of Utter Chaos is inspired by the famous dungeon that accompanied Gary Gygax’s adventure module, The Keep On The Borderlands (B2). For many D&D players, this was the first dungeon they ever explored; it was packaged in the Basic Dungeons and Dragons introductory box set back in the early 80s. I remember the thrill of cracking open that module and seeing the gorgeous, baby blue and white grid, double spread dungeon map. Just one look and I knew epic fun was ahead.

These sessions seek to give folks those same retro thrills, when we played D&D for the first time. Players will be introduced to our Basic Old Skool System (WEGS BOSS) and get to create their first character (a pretty quick process). Here’s a preview of how easy character creation is.

All rules are taught. No XP required. Once characters are ready, it’s off to the dungeon for fun and adventure. Just don’t forget those iron spikes and stirge repellant!

Here’s a link to our full menu of Gary Con events!


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