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Shuffling Horror Week 2015: Game 3

October 29th, 2015

Game #3 started with an unstoppable wave of zombies, ripping their way through the Survivors. This had all the makings of a two reel movie, short and brutal. Yet, the plucky survivors managed to limp into Reel 3; each player had a single Survivor remaining (and only one had Rest spoints). Similar to Game #2, both Sanctuary cards came into play early; this time they were crucially needed for respite. However, the Director had four throngs in play – those sanctuaries wouldn’t last long. The players decided to move the entire group into The Cellar, in an attempt to “spoint up”. Previously damaged, The Cellar had only 9 hit points remaining. Miraculously, it withstood the first wave of attacks (and all the survivors gained three Rest points). Another wave of attacks came at the Cellar. Due to some misses and truly awful damage rolls, The Cellar held for one more round (its door held shut by a single point). The survivors all gained three more Rest points.

The first player was eliminated at the very end of Reel 3 and joined the zombie team at the start of Reel 4. This was a boon for the remaining two players, as the Turning Point was triggered (# of Zombie Players = # of Survivor Players). This immediately cleared the Reel Pile and left three cards between them and survival. Some times you just get lucky in a zombie apocalypse!

SHW-15-Score-21Director vs How Many Players: 3

How Many Reels Played: 4

Survivors: The Sheriff and The Sorority Girl.

Who Won: Survivors (barely)

Alternate rules: Survivor Draw Pile, Continuity, and Cover + Attack. Here’s a link to alternate rules info.

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The Graveyard (Alt Rule)

October 29th, 2015

Quick tip for Shuffling Horror play!

Use the box as a trophy wall to hold Zombie or Familiar Face cards eliminated with a headshot. This is a good place to stick Plot Device and Sanctuary cards after they are played out, too. This is what we do at our convention games; players love seeing the box fill. It also allows the Director and players to assess how much zombie power is still left in the deck.


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Shuffling Horror Week 2015: Game 2

October 28th, 2015

The grim loss of Game 1 galvanized the Survivors into a force to be reckoned with. While there were plenty of opportunities for the zombies to overwhelm the Survivors, bad dice rolls plagued their every action. On the other hand, the Survivors never missed a beat; as the zombie throngs pressed forward, they were obliterated. The Sheriff + Gas Cocktail was a devastating combo, but even the Kid Brother and Little Sister did their part to thin out the herd. Both Sanctuaries were in play by Reel 2, but neither were ever entered (that’s the kind of game it was). The Director’s only consolation was that, as the film faded to black, all co-op spoints were spent (the Survivors burned them all at the end of Reel 4 just for fun).

SHW-15-Score-11Director vs How Many Players: 4

How Many Reels Played: 4

Last One Standing: Everyone but the Nurse and Mechanic.

Who Won: Survivors

Alternate rules used were Survivor Draw Pile, Continuity, and Cover + Attack. Here’s a link to alternate rules info.

Note: Remaining in-store event times/info is posted here.

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Zombo-matic (Alt Rules)

October 27th, 2015

GG-tm-ZedZombie tmEvery Shuffling Horror director brings their own personal touch to the game. Zombo-matic is a trademark move of Director Don Purcell. It’s an option he applies to a very specific circumstance: when a player’s last survivor is eliminated with a snake eyes roll.

As per standard rules, if a zombie rolls snake eyes on its attack roll, the attacked survivor is immediately infected and turns into a zombie. The zombie player who attacked takes this survivor card and places it in their hand as a Familiar Face.

Purcell’s twist is that, if losing this Survivor card causes the player to join the Zombie Team, he allows the player to keep it as a Familiar Face in their own hand. This lets that player start their next turn with a zombie already in play (and quite a powerful zombie at that). This is a strategic benefit for the zombie team, but such a play might also immediately trigger the Turning Point; normally a player waits until their next turn to draw their first zombie card. A Director must strategically think out the value of this gift before it is given.

Due to the double qualifier that applies to this play (rolling snake eyes, last survivor) Zombo-matic is not something that will happen very often. When it does, it is terrifying: without any warning, someone you trusted in the party is suddenly a zombie in your midst.

It is something that happens in almost every zombie film and perfect for Pittsburgh 68 play!

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Shuffling Horror Week 2015: Game 1

October 27th, 2015

The zombies stormed the field for the first game of the Shuffling Horror Week series!

Director vs How Many Players: 4SHW-15-Score-01

How Many Reels Played: 4

Last One Standing: The Sorority Girl

Who Won: Zombies

Alternate rules used were Survivor Draw Pile, Continuity, and Cover + Attack. Here’s a link to alternate rules info.

Note: Remaining in-store event times/info is posted here.

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Shuffling Horror Week: Results (2015)

October 26th, 2015

Shuffling Horror Week begins! Full details of dates/times of our in-store events are posted here. If you are running a home game this week, we want to hear about it. The info we need from each game:

Director + How Many Players: (2-12)

Who Won: (Survivors or Zombies)

How Many Reels Played: (1-4)

Who Survived or Last One Standing:

We love to hear the highlights/best moments of the movie, too! Don’t forget to check out some of our alternate rules to spice up your game. If you do, make sure you let us know which ones you used. We always love hearing about these.

Start shuffling, folks!


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