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Pittsburgh 68 Tabletop Layout

May 27th, 2016


For those of you who have played with us at conventions, you’re probably very familiar with this layout! And now, we’ve released a free pdf that explains how to set up your tabletop in a similar fashion, take command as the Director, and run a fearsome Pittsburgh 68 game. This layout is the inspiration for our soon-to-be-released Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board (more info on this is coming very, very soon).

P68-Script-Big Screen-pic

Here’s the link to this free pdf guide:
The Big Screen: The Pittsburgh 68 Tabletop Layout

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The Big Screen: Tabletop Layout for Pittsburgh 68

May 23rd, 2016


P68-Script-Big Screen-picWe’ve posted a new script for Shuffling Horror fans: The Big Screen. This guide provides an overview of the tabletop card layout for Pittsburgh 68 play. This is a great place to start before you dive into the Pittsburgh 68 rulebook as it gives you an overview of how each card pile is used and key rules that you should know as the Director.

Click on the script to open the pdf or follow this hyperlink:
The Big Screen: The Pittsburgh 68 Tabletop Layout

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Roswell 51-Kickstarter News

May 23rd, 2016


We are getting ready to launch our Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51 kickstarter – it’s just a couple weeks away! While you wait, here’s a little sneak peek at our early robot designs for one of the movie’s featured heroes, R-51, the Robot. We designed him with 1950’s sci-fi movie standards in mind: he had to be big enough to fit a human actor inside. Plus, he needed to be as cool as his pals Robby the Robot, Gort, and Robot B-9, too!

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Pax East 2016 Postcard

May 1st, 2016

PAX East is always non-stop fun and this year was no different! The Shuffling Horror Pittsburgh 68 table was rocking from opening to closing each day. Thanks to all those who played and purchased a copy. It was great making new friends and fans.

There was a lot of excitement for our soon-to-be-released Shuffle Board, the deluxe board that elevates Shuffling Horror’s cinematic vibe. I also revealed some new playing aids (like the Turning Point and Last One Standing cards). I’ll be blogging about these and other new rules that will be included in our summer release, Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51.

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Pittsburgh 68 is a cinematic card-n-dice game that plays like a creepy, classic zombie movie. With each and every turn of a card, the dealt hand reveals horrible events, and players do their best to stay one step ahead of the zombie shuffle. As a group, players try to survive all four reels of the movie… but that will not be easy! To make matters worse, when players are eliminated, they are not out of the action: they shuffle back into the game as zombies in classic Living Dead style!

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