Feb 3 – Dice Hog Day 2017

February 3rd, 2017
Dice Hog Day

Here at GameWick HQ, February 3 is Dice Hog Day (the day after those other famous hogs makes their prediction). Early this morning (well not too early because the Dice Hog likes his sleep), our groggy-but-fun-loving dice hog crept out of his hole, dice in hand and ready to roll!


As tradition goes, the Dice Hog tosses a pair of dice into the frosted terrain (this year we’re a bit light on the frost and snow as you can see in the pic). This dice roll predicts just how long winter is going to last. However, there are some house rules:

1. Dice must stay where they land for seven days, untouched.

2. When there is no snow on them whatsoever, none, the dice result is multiplied by two. However, two special rules apply to this result (it wouldn’t be very GameWicky if we didn’t have some “hot numbers”):

Snake Eyes (1,1) – Winter is officially over and you can put the snow shovels away immediately.

Boxcars (6, 6) – Uh Oh! There’s probably more snow coming. Bring dice back inside and wait for next storm. Then repeat process as if it is Feb 3 all over again.

The Dice Hog is heading back to his hoggy-hole now. Stay tuned for our official results in seven days!!!

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