Cast & Blast-Trotting Torches

July 2nd, 2016
Cast Blast, The WEGS Fray

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600Our Cast & Blast series resumes with another twist on the spells we grew up on (you know… the the classic Basic Dungeons & Dragons spells for Magic Users and Clerics). This week we conjure up a MU wonderment!

Trotting Torches (Magic)

The spell conjures a quartet of magic torches, wisps of ethereal light that have been pulled forth from the Etherlands. Oft times, they are simply conjured for chamber illumination (each light illuminates two squares in all directions, a cumulative effect if clustered). However, the torches can be used to hover in the air around a specified target or be clustered to appear as a single bonfire. The mage can control where each moves and how high/low they float (at the Spante). Optionally, the mage can send the lights off in any direction, making them appear to be a group of adventurers marching along; they trot at a rate of up to 8 SQR per inning. Once a torch is beyond a 24 SQR range it cannot be recalled and when beyond 48 SQR it begins to fade (vanishing in four innings). The orbs are never instantly extinguished; each will glow up to four innings after their upkeep ends.

Target: Other
Type: Special Effect
Range: 24 square control. 48 square upkeep.
Use: Normal
Upkeep: 1 spoint per spante (regardless of number of torches remaining). Light lingers for 4 innings beyond upkeep.


The Use category defines the number of times a spell may be cast per day. Basic spells typically have unlimited/normal use. Powerful spells have restrictions. “(SPS/4) per day” is such a restriction; the number of times this spell can be used is set by the caster’s SPS score divided by four. For example, a mage with 8 SPS may cast such a spell twice per day.

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