Cast & Blast-Transmogrify

July 19th, 2016
Cast Blast, The WEGS Fray

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600We’ve been playtesting the Nekromagiker for a few years now, just haven’t officially unleashed him. Until we do, any old mage can have fun with this one. The alternate use allows the mage to threaten that he’ll “turn you into a zombie if you don’t watch out!”. Sure, it’s only temporarily, but can cause all sorts of mischief.

Transmogrify (Magic/Nekromagic)

The mage takes on a grotesque and rotting pallor, resembling a zombie, ghoul, dungeon skum, or other shambling undead abomination. While so enchanted, the mage benefits from an aura of FEAR (4 ESQR range, Spell Level x 11% effectiveness). The appearance allows the mage unfettered passage among undead creatures whose minion level is less than or equal to spell level; minions of higher levels have an (11% per higher level) chance to detect the deceit. The rotting effect can be extended across multiple targets in the mage’s company (within a 4 ESQR range); each additional target increases the upkeep by one spoint. Alternate use allows the mage to transmogrify a single, humanoid-sized distant target up to 12 SQR away (includes FEAR effect); an unwilling target can halt the change via a Resist Magic test (each successful resistance temporarily stops the progression of the transmogrification; it does not dispel the spell).

Target: Self (+Group) or Other
Type: Special Effect
Range: Group-4 ESQR. Single Target-12 squares.
Use: Normal.
Upkeep: Normal. Group: +1 spoint per extended target.

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