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December 17th, 2015
Cast Blast, The WEGS Fray

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600Greetings, Old Skoolers! Isn’t it time you learned some new spells?!? Well, that’s just what this new Cast & Blast series is going to do for you! Now, don’t go grumbling about having to learn new things. Spelljamming is way more fun than pulling rot grub out of your chainmail skirt, and this stuff is going to be twice as much fun as that!

If you are a true old skooler, you’ll see that these spells trod on some familiar ground that’s near and dear to your dungeon-delving heart. This series is our twist on classic Basic Dungeons & Dragons spells for Magic Users and Clerics. This week we serve up a couple of Level 1 bedazzlers; one for the Mage and one for the Sage.

Silver Tongue of Saroo (Magic)

The mage can use this spell on a single two-legged target that (a) is no larger than twice the mage’s size and (b) whose Ingenuity is half that of the mage’s. The target cannot be undead, animal, or vegetable. The target is completely under the mage’s charm, believes what the mage says as truthful, and will follow the mage’s suggestions and advice. The target must be able to comprehend the mage’s spoken instructions; the charm is not a form of mind control or telepathy. Each time the target suffers wounds due to the mage’s suggestions, the target is allowed to make an Ingenuity test to become aware of the deceit and question their current course of action. When the spell expires, the target may suffer slight confusion as to why they performed the actions they did, as if affected by temporary amnesia.

Target: Other
Type: Special Effect
Range: 12 squares + Special
Use: (SPS/4) times per day.
Upkeep: On a successful casting, the mage immediately expends 8 spoints (2 x Spell Level 4); no other upkeep is required. Mage’s Ingenuity sets the number of game minutes the spell lasts (e.g. a 64 Ingenuity score grants a 64 minute enchantment).

Lesser Orb of Healing (Mystic)

The sage is granted four healing orbs that can be immediately directed to the desired target(s). A target can only benefit from one orb per inning, however, all four orbs can be sent to four different targets that first inning. After the initial casting, the orbs can only be used at the Spante (non-action). Each orb heals 2d6 + SPS wounds.

Target: Other
Type: Renewal
Range: 12 squares
Use: (SPS/4) per day
Upkeep: Normal


The Use category defines the number of times a spell may be cast per day. Basic spells typically have unlimited use. More powerful spells, however, will have restrictions. “(SPS/4) per day” is such a restriction; the number of times this spell can be used per day is set by the caster’s SPS score divided by four. For example, a mage with 8 SPS may cast such a spell twice per day.

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