Against The Giants: Gary Con 2016

January 29th, 2016
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On Friday at Gary Con this year, I am running a series of events in honor of Gary Gygax, the father of role-playing games. The series is composed of three consecutive events, each dedicated to exploring one of the classic adventure modules in Gygax’s “Giant Series” (aka the G series). Get ready to go head-to-head against the hill, frost, and fire giants. Actually, in this case, it would be head-to-kneecap…

Blog-GaryCon16-G123For convention play, games will focus on each module’s key scenes and encounters, allowing players to face some of the best challenges and most fearsome opponents found in these classic modules. WEGS Old Skool Fantasy rules will be used to run the encounters.

The Wickedly Errant Game System allows quick character generation and encourages over-the-top heroic encounters. In each session, players will get to experience the full gamut of adventure gaming: from rolling up characters to taking a heroic last stand. All rules will be taught.

Here’s what’s on our giant menu:

G1-Storming the Steading (WOSF)
When: Friday @ 10am – 2pm
Get ready to take on some Hill Giants and their friends as we throw down the classic Gary Gygax module, Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (G1). What will your band of heroes discover within the timber fortress of the Nosnra The Despicable!?!

G2-Rifting the Jarl (WOSF)
When: Friday @ 2pm – 6pm
Get ready to slip and slide your way through Gary Gygax’s classic module, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (G2). What adventure awaits you in the icy stronghold of Grugnur, the Lord of Frost Giants?!?

G3-Playing with Hellfire (WOSF)
When: Friday @ 8pm – Midnite
Get ready to fan some giant flames, as you venture into the fiery realm of Gary Gygax’s classic module, Hall of the Fire Giant King (G3). Do you have what it takes to extinguish the plans of Dread King Snurre Iron Belly and his cohorts?!?

If you cannot join us for these sessions,
we are running several other WEGS Old Skool events at Gary Con.

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