Continuity (Alt Rules)

June 30th, 2013
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As per the normal rules of Pittsburgh 68, a reel immediately ends when the final card of the Reel Pile is eliminated or taken. The current turn is over and no other player action may be taken. This is important, because the next reel resets the turn sequence to the first payer to the right of the Zombie Master.

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For this reason, it is to the players’ advantage to delay the end of a reel to allow as many Survivors to act as possible, while assuring that the Zombie Master does not get a final action.

In games with a large number of Survivor players (4+), the Continuity rule is encouraged. This rule simply resumes the action with the player whose turn was next, but was cut short by the end of the reel. This also gives the game a sense of film continuity, as opposed to a choppy non-sequitar grindhouse-style cut of a grainy, gritty B movie!

The Continuity rule also allows the Zombie Master’s turn comes up that much earlier during the round, too.

Keep in mind, that Reel 4 always plays around to the Zombie Masters turn.

The final reel is never over until it’s over!

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