Dice Hog Day Is Coming!

January 27th, 2018
Dice Hog Day

The Dice Hog just wants to remind all his friends that Dice Hog Day is right around the corner – February 3 (the day after those other hogs makes their prediction). He’s got his own method for predicting the end of winter (and one that’s way more fun than the method used by those other hogs). Yup… it involves dice!  His rules are below this pic. Note that this pic does not show current snow accumulations at GameWick HQ; it’s just a shot from 2016 that the Dice Hog loves… Such a ham!



On Feb 3, you roll a pair of dice into your yard; give them a good toss (but not so good that you won’t be able to find them). Then, just follow these rules:

1. Dice must stay where they land for seven days, untouched.

2. When there is no snow on them whatsoever, none, the dice result is multiplied by two. However, two special rules apply to this result (it wouldn’t be very GameWicky if we didn’t have some “hot numbers”):

Snake Eyes (1,1) – Winter is officially over and you can put the snow shovels away immediately.

Boxcars (6, 6) – Uh Oh! There’s probably more snow coming. Bring dice back inside and wait for next storm. Then repeat process as if it is Feb 3 all over again.

We’ll keep you posted on our 2018 Dice Hog Day results!

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