Hirelings & Henchmen: Gary Con VIII (2016)

February 23rd, 2016
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CON-Gary Con 2014-Lake Geneva, WIGary Con VIII is just around the corner! If you are attending and looking for some dungeon fun to fit into your schedule, have I got a deal for you… Most of my WEGS Old Skool games are full, but I can still fit a couple of Hirelings and Henchmen into each session. H&H are entry level heroes there to assist the party (i.e. you run into the room first and suffer the consequences). All you need to do is hack and slash in style. Does this sounds like your kind of fun?

“But… I don’t know this WEGS system at all!”

No worries! Here’s how easy it is to be a sell-sword and hired bowstring in WEGS:

You start with a heroic-looking mini and five poker chips. This makes you a Level 5 Hero. Everything about you is “5” or “55”. You have 55 Hit Points. You have 55% Armour Class. You have a 55% chance to hit something with your sword or arrow. When you hit, you do 5 x d6 damage. You move 5 Squares per action.

NO-ROLL-ARK-KARDAnd you won’t even need a character sheet (but if you survive the adventure, I’ll give you one as a graduation present).

“That’s pretty darn easy, so far.”

You will also get three skill cards and you can use only 1 every attack:

+20% to hit (used to increase your chance to hit to 75%)

+ 4 Strength (used to increase your damage to 9 x d6)

-20% AC (used to decrease foe’s AC roll)

You strategically choose the best attack form for each strike.

As noted, I can fit a couple of folks into each game in this capacity. There is also *some* wiggle room to fit you in as a spellslinger, too (if you arrive early). If this sounds like your kind of fun, come find the WEGS games (just look for the table with a shiny holy grail filled with poker chips). Our full list of events and room locations can be found on the Gary Con site (here) or on our blog link below.

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