Innsmouth 32: Project On Hold

May 18th, 2019
Innsmouth 32 Updates, Kickstarter

May 2019 – Innsmouth 32 Kickstarter On Hold

Hello Innsmouth friends,

An unfortunate reality!  With less than two weeks to go on our campaign, we need an insane vertical spike in new backers, which I don’t think is going to be a reality. While I would love to continue this campaign to its end, the best course of action is to cancel and focus on its future reboot.

Three key reasons I know this is the correct path:

1: The distance we have to go to reach our funding goal is a big impediment to enthuse a new wave of backers to join us (especially so late in the game). That funding goal is locked and cannot be changed; I’ve given this a lot of thought and believe I can make the goal more attainable in our reboot.

2: The daily management of the campaign is all-consuming; the time I would spend to keep the campaign moving forward will be much better spent preparing for our reboot. While I already have new promotional content created to take us through the final days, it makes more sense to save that content for round two.

3: I know I can make improvements on this kickstarter and the game, too. First off, a “How To Play” video was suggested and is needed. Also, there are undisclosed stretch goals that I know will add a whole new level of excitement. With the lack of momentum we have to reach the stretch goals, I need to assess a way to have them attainable or included. We at least have to give these a better shot!

I truly appreciate all of the likes, comments, messages, and shares across social media that I saw from YOU – and, for me, that made this whole experience worth it.  It truly disappoints me that I have to pull the plug after all this encouragement, but I know this is the best thing to do to make Innsmouth 32 better, stronger, and creepier!

Thank you for your support, friends!

Larry Wick / GameWick Games

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