The Kreator Kit

April 29th, 2015
Quick Updates

For any of WEGS Old Skool fans who have played with us at conventions, you’ve probably witnessed the wonders of the Kreator Kit. It’s like a super magical stockade of never-ending power for the guy running the game. Whenever its lid is cracked open, you know that minions can quickly pour forth from its rainbow-blasted innards.

Good thing the lid is transparent, so you can watch the mad genius at work…


Sales Pitch Ahead!

We have a limited number of Kreator Kits on reserve for serious WEGS Old Skool fans. The Kreator Kit ain’t cheap ($59 + shipping). We only ship within the US and, due to the weight of the kit, shipping prices will vary. If interested, please contact us via our online form or directly to the email address that is listed on the top right corner of the page (scroll back up, baby!). We’ll send you back info on what exactly is in the kit (pretty much what you see above, but we will give you the actual chip/color count and other top secret details).

Serious Inquiries Only From Those

Who Understand Its Unstoppable Power!

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