P68 FAQ: Holding Items

August 8th, 2013
Pittsburgh 68, Shuffling Horror FAQ

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“How Many Items Can A Survivor Hold?”

A frequently asked question during intro convention play.

The answer is found under Players Hand on page 4 of the Pittsburgh 68 rulebook: “A Survivor Player can have three survivors in-play, each of whom can hold two additional cards (Item or Power Play).”

This means that a single Survivor can hold both The Axe (an item) and The Killing Machine (a power play card). That is a particularly brutal combo in the hands of The College Guy. A Survivor can also hold two Items, though can only use one per action. Damage from items does not stack (another frequently asked question).

The ability for a Survivor to hold two items lets them stockpile weapons, perhaps for the future use of other Survivors who appear later in the game. A Survivor can TAKE and item from another Survivor (if that player allows). A Survivor can never TAKE+ATTACK from another Survivor (otherwise a weapon, such as The Revolver, would just be passed from Survivor to Survivor to Survivor).

Oddly enough, in all the convention games we’ve played, we have yet to see a single Survivor hold both power play cards (The Scream Machine and The Killing Machine). The Killing Machine is best paired with a weapon, though…

With only two slots per Survivor, some tough choices are ahead.

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